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Three£ 13'00Monthly fee
More details >
Data plan 12 GB
Calls Unlimited
5G Ready at no extra cost +More Info.
Vodafone£ 15'00Monthly fee
More details >
Data plan 15 GB
Calls 250min.
3x more data +More Info.
Tesco£ 16'00Monthly fee
More details >
Data plan 20 GB
Calls Unlimited
5000 Minutes & Texts +More Info.
Three£ 19'00Monthly fee
More details >
Data plan 30 GB
Calls Unlimited
5G Ready at no extra cost +More Info.

To find the best UK SIM only deal you must first look at what you need from a SIM only deal. All the network providers in the United Kingdom offer a range of deals that will offer a range of data, minutes and texts. How much data, minutes and texts is the question you need to ask yourself and you can find the best SIM only deal in the UK.

How to find the best SIM only deal

There are a lot of things that make a good Sim only deal, for starters data is one of the important features to look at when looking at the best SIM only deals.

In Roams we give you the opportunity to filter how much data you need for example, if you need 10GB or 35GB there is a option for you to select this option to find the best Sim only deal for you.

Once you have chosen your preferred amount of data then you will have a list of providers that fit the description you are after.

For example, Three, Vodafone and EE which amazing SIM only deals that give a wide range of data options.

Also, some of the best SIM only deals in the UK offer great deals that have a amount of minutes so you can stay connected with your friends and family.

Similar to choosing a deal with the right amount of data Roams gives you the same option to choose the perfect amount of minutes.

For example, if having unlimited minutes is not what you are after there are options for 50 to 250 minutes and once this has been selected you will be linked to carriers that have the best SIM only deals with the filet you have added.

Comparing these deals with the amount of data and minutes will give you the best SIM only deals from the best carriers in the United Kingdom.

How to compare the best 5G SIM deals in the UK

2020 is here and to start the new decade we must learn to get use to what 5G offers, it brings so much more that 4G can’t deliver.

5G is the best data technology offering speed that is ridiculously fast downloading movies in a matter of seconds, buffering videos is no longer a concern when you are in 5G mode and being busy places 5G won’t allow you to have a weak WIFI signal.

Fortunately, there is already providers in the UK that have 5G SIM only deals, so you can compare which deal will benefit you the most.

BT Mobile, Vodafone and EE have already obtained 5G technology so this will mean all there SIM only customers will have the best data technology in the world.

However, Vodafone, BT and EE are some of the most well-known providers in the United Kingdom so it is not a surprise for these carriers to have 5G technology.

Tesco Mobile is a smaller carrier in the UK but they know the importance of having 5G technology and what it can bring to the table in regards to giving value to their customers.

Tesco Mobile has already made plans for the early months of 2020 to have 5G technology. This is a big move for a smaller provider in the United Kingdom and there is no doubt that other small carriers will follow this lead and start making plans to introduce 5G data technology.

What are the best SIM only deals?

Roams has chosen four of the best deals that you can find value in because it ticks of every box when it comes to finding the best SIM only deal. A good amount of data, enough minutes for calling and the best part that it is affordable.

For example, there are Three SIM only deals that offer 5G data technology at no extra cost. There are plans that offer unlimited minutes but the only difference is the data amount.

Therefore, it depends on what type of person are you when it comes to consuming data and how what is your price range? If you use data to read emails and browse on social media that getting a SIM only deal with 15GB or less in more than enough for you.

However, if you are the type of person to stream music and watch videos on YouTube than it will be wised to look for deals that have more than 20GB worth of data. Three offers a range of different data options for their SIM only deals.

If you are the type to look for really cheap SIM only deals that offer a lot for what you are paying for than Tesco Mobile has amazing SIM only deals. With Tesco Mobile deals it doesn’t matter if you need a lot of data or not that much the price for Tesco Mobile deals are suitable for what they are worth.

What is the best Pay as you go deals SIM only deals?

If you are heading on holiday to the UK than it is important that you find the best pay as you go SIM only deals so that you can stay active on social media by sharing your Instagram stories with you family and friends back home.

There are amazing deals that give you plenty of data to keep you active online while you are on holiday. However, if you are just looking for a cheap pay as you go SIM only deal with a good amount of data and minutes then there also amazing deals that have just that.

EE and Tesco are two providers that great pay as you go SIM only deals that offer a range of data options.

Well known carriers best SIM only deals

The most well-known carriers in the UK are Vodafone, O2, EE and Three, these four network providers not only offer great SIM only deals but offer their network to smaller carriers in the United Kingdom.

If you had to compare all four providers to which carrier has the best UK SIM only deals, you’ll have to say they are all pretty close.

These providers work well to give their customers the best quality of SIM only deals having a range of SIM only deals that have a lot of data, unlimited minutes and texts these carriers are the best of the best in the UK.

Small MVNO best SIM only deals

A lot of the smaller carriers in the UK has to piggyback off other major network providers because they are a mobile virtual network provider (MVNO).

However, these smaller carriers still have great UK SIM only deals, providers such as Giffgaff, Tesco and Sky Mobile who focus on giving their customers cheap deals.

Therefore, when comparing which is the best small carrier it depends on what you are after, some deals offer more data with limited minutes and texts and some offer unlimited everything.

These smaller carriers will still give you value in regards to making sure you don’t pay a fortune for a UK SIM only deal.