eSim France

Holafly offer eSim for France

What's in the plan?

Data plan: Unlimited
Minimum term: No
Mobile network: AT&T, China Unicom, Beeline
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How much?

* Pay monthly.

Deal description

With Holafly's eSIM France you can connect to the internet while travelling or working in France. The cheapest one costs £19 and is valid for five days. All come with unlimited data and are purchased online. To install Holafly's virtual card for France, simply scan a QR code. Calls are not included.

Our experts says


Holafly's eSIM France is the ideal alternative if you don't want to worry about roaming costs. It is very good value for money as it offers unlimited data on all versions. It does not include minutes, but you can use Whatsapp to call.


  • Customisable validity period
  • Unlimited data


  • No local phone number
  • No data sharing

eSim France details

Mobile Network
AT&T, China Unicom, Beeline
Contract Type
Minimum term



Mobile network
AT&T, China Unicom, Beeline
Contract Type
HD Voice
Connection type
Speed reduction to
IP Voice
Data plan
Extra info:

Holafly France eSIM Card: price and features

Holafly's eSIM France offers unlimited data to keep you connected to the internet while travelling for leisure or work in France. It can be purchased online quickly and easily. All you have to do is choose your validity period. Here are the options:

  • 5 days: £19
  • 7 days: £27
  • 10 days: £34
  • 15 days: £47
  • 20 days: £54
  • 30 days: 64 pounds

The Holafly eSIM for France is installed by scanning a QR code, allowing you to keep your Whatsapp number. You don't need to register to enjoy this international eSIM that will allow you to forget about roaming and wifi networks.

Enjoy unlimited data in cities like Paris, Lyon or Marseille with 4G connection thanks to SFR's coverage, the fastest in the country. With your Holafly France eSIM you will be able to move around freely, communicate with your loved ones or make any kind of consultation or reservation.

Is the Holafly eSIM compatible with any device?

No, it is very important that before you buy your Holafly virtual card to travel to France you make sure that your device is compatible with eSIM technology.

Can I share my Holafly France eSIM card data with other devices?

No. With Holafly's eSIM for France you can surf without limits, but you are not allowed to share your mobile data with other devices.

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