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Does Tesco Mobile offer broadband?

Nadia Pérez

Nadia Pérez Post updated on Friday, January 22, 2021

Tesco Mobile offer a mobile broadband for existing pay monthly, pay as you go (PAYG) and SIM only customers. Therefore, if you have not joined any of these services, then you won't be able to sign up to Tesco Mobile broadband.

Big Data 20GB
Minimun term: 12 months
Data 20 GB

Calls Unlimited
Coverage O2
You can now use your minutes, texts and monthly data in Europe with Home From Home. All tariffs include Home from Home EU roaming.
Total £16.00p/m
taxes included


The advantages of Tesco Mobile Broadband

The best part about Tesco mobile broadband is that it offers an unlimited broadband and free evening and weekend calls.

For customers who join a 12month contract will not pay a set up fee, this is a good benefit as it can save clients money.

Part of signing up to a Tesco broadband deal is getting a wireless router, which can come in handy for large houses that may need a stronger Wi-Fi connection in certain rooms.

The disadvantages of a Tesco Mobile Broadband

If you are a Virgin Media customer, EE customer or belong to any other provider and want to join a Tesco Mobile broadband deal, unfortunately you can't. These broadband deals are only for Tesco mobile customers.

For clients who don't sign up to a 12month deal and join a 30day-rolling contract will pay a £40 set up fee.

How do I get Tesco Mobile Broadband

To join a Tesco broadband is simple, customers must head to the official Tesco Mobile website and select the 'Tesco Offers' web page.

Clients must enter the promotion code 'MOBFREE2' with their Tesco mobile number. This is an easy process that can be done in a matter of minutes.

Tesco Mobile broadband deals

Customers will get some of the cheapest broadband deals in the United Kingdom; however, there are other providers that offer cheaper broadband plans such as TalkTalk.

Using the mobile broadband deals customers can sign up to a £4.50 a month for a free anytime call package for 12months.

If customers join a Tesco line rental for £13.75 a month, then they can get a discount price of £6.50 for any of the element broadband packages, which saves them £78 at the end of their 12month contract.

Tesco Mobile Broadband Not working

It is normal for any broadband to fail at times so Tesco mobile offers some tips to help customers in case they experience a loss of signal.

For example, if customers have trouble with the device being installed they need to plug out the device and switch it off on their PC or laptop.

After plugging it back in and turning it on there should be a message indicating that the device is installing a driver.

This is the most common problem with a Tesco Mobile broadband so hopefully this information helps.

How to top up your Mobile broadband

Please make sure you have an empty balance before topping up. Follow the steps below to learn how to top up:

  • Customers must first register their contact details on the official Tesco Mobile website
  • Select the amount of how much they want to top then continue using their credit card
  • After choosing the top up amount then head back to the home page of the official Tesco Mobile website
  • Select the 'Buy Bundle' option
  • The amount of GB they chose to add to their account will be added

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Nadia Pérez
Nadia Pérez