Cuckoo Broadband: a new take on fair and fast broadband

Cuckoo Broadband: a new take on fair and fast broadband

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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Cuckoo Broadband is a fairly new company that aims to deliver quality broadband at competitive prices. This article gives an overview of Cuckoo, its deals, coverage, packages, and switching to Cuckoo Broadband.

Cuckoo broadband deals

Cuckoo broadband operates uniquely. Cuckoo offers users rolling one-month packages or a 12-month commitment, unlike large competitors that provide lengthy, 24-month contracts and frequently increase fees once contracts expire. It guarantees not to increase the monthly fee once those contracts expire.

With just three speeds, it also keeps things straightforward. The only significant distinction between its one- and 12-month plans is that the former requires a £60 setup fee. When you consider that 30-day contracts are essentially challenging to find and typically cost a fortune, that shouldn't be a problem.

The technology used in Cuckoo's broadband offers fibre optic. Its Fast, entry-level plan is an FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) service, meaning copper wiring is used to finish the final leg of the house. With fibre to the premises (FTTP), its more recent Really Fast and Eggcelent plans guarantee that fibre enters the home. To receive either package, you must reside in a region where such infrastructure has been set up.

Coverage on Cuckoo Broadband

The coverage area is impressive; Cuckoo Broadband covers almost all of the UK, which means you can use your internet connection anywhere in the country as long as you have a phone line or cable connection nearby (depending on which option you choose). If you're unsure if Cuckoo covers your area, enter your postcode on their site to find out more about your coverage.

Reviews of Cuckoo Broadband

The three speeds Cuckoo Broadband offers are sufficient for most households to do all their internet activities, and the company's service is straightforward and simple to grasp. The availability of 900Mbps will gratify those who desire an ultrafast choice. The absence of lengthy 18-month or two-year contracts is one of the other major benefits. Broadband is available from Cuckoo Broadband on either a 12-month or a rolling-monthly contract. Additionally, Cuckoo spends 1% of every payment to extend connectivity to areas that most need it, including conflict zones, disaster areas, and developing communities.

However, you will be let down if you expect a broadband offer that includes a gift, such as a piece of technology, a cashback coupon, mobile data, or a streaming service subscription.

How to switch to Cuckoo Broadband

With Cuckoo Broadband, switching is simple. Learn how to make the switch with these easy steps.

You can switch in two weeks if you follow these three procedures.

  • Register to start switching.
  • Your router will be delivered in a tiny package through the mail ten days later.
  • You'll be online and connected over the next several days, and if necessary, an engineer can come to your house to set up your router as well.

How much does switching cost?

There is a £60 setup fee when you sign up with the broadband provider unless you choose a 12-month contract, in which case the activation and installation expenses are covered.

You will be signed up, have gotten the Cuckoo router, and are completely online in 14 days. With the 4G dongle known as Eggspress Wi-Fi, you may access the internet while you wait for your broadband to start working. It costs £40 if you choose to keep the dongle.

Packages available on Cuckoo Broadband

At Cuckoo, you can select the duration of your contract. Choose a flexible 30-day rolling plan with no obligation, or abide by a 12-month Cuckoo Broadband contract.

You may be sure that you will only pay what you agreed to because the internet provider makes it plain that first-year charges will stay the same.

Be advised that every contract option and broadband package requires the installation of a phone line. This is so because BT Openreach is used in the ISP's fibre network. Suppose you still need to set up a phone connection. In that case, the internet service provider can do this for you at an additional cost. Don't worry, though; the monthly cost of your broadband deal will already cover the cost of your line rental.

There is a one-time installation fee of £60 if you choose to use their broadband service on a month-to-month basis, even though the pricing is the same whether you choose to go contractual or not.

A £60 early exit fee will be assessed if you choose the 12-month contract option and ultimately decide to quit the company.

The table below shows the information on Cuckoo Broadband packages:

Package Avg. Download Speed Avg. Upload Speed Duration Price
Eggceptional 900Mbps 115Mbps 1-12 months £54.99 per month
Really Fast 100Mbps 20Mbps 1-12 months £39.99 per month
Fast 67Mbps 8Mbps 1-12 months £29.99 per month

Customer service on Cuckoo Broadband

Customer support at Cuckoo is absolutely"eggcellent". Truly, they are customer-centred (along with fast speeds). They will answer you almost instantly with whatever concern you have, whether via email, live chat, or phone. Additionally, it is entirely based in the United Kingdom. You can contact Cuckoo Broadband via email: email and by phone at: +44 203 389 7211.

Frequently asked questions about Cuckoo Broadband.

Do I need an engineer to come out?

  • When getting Full Fibre (FTTP) installed, an engineer will be required if you still need an Openreach modem.

What is Cuckoo broadband's router?

  • When you commit to a 12-month period, Cuckoo Broadband will send you a free Technicolor Wi-Fi Hub router.

When will I be able to receive broadband?

  • The entire process will take place within ten days of signing up.
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