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Last update: May 29, 2023
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Virgin Media focusses on keeping its targeted customers happy. With Virgin Media mobile they offer amazing deals on mobiles that come with different benefits. Virgin mobile SIM only have great deals on data, minutes and texts.

Also, the price for the SIM only deals are suitable for the audience. The broadband is fast and offers quality WIFI service, this then relates to Broadband Business. Having quality WIFI services means growing or established businesses can benefit from the WIFI speed. Customer service is a good way of knowing if your company is doing its job.

Learning ways to improve from seeking out customer feedback so Virgin Media can work on areas that need working on. Virgin Media works on being the best carrier for the best customers.

Virgin Media Mobile

Virgin Media mobile has some of the best deals on the latest mobile phones. There are special deals that Virgin media customers will receive ones they make a commitment to a Virgin Media mobile.

Virgin mobile offers brands such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Sony. These are popular mobile brands so it shows that Virgin Media is staying in the game of mobile phones.

There are also awesome Virgin Media Mobile SIM only deals that have a range of different prices but all plans will give Virgin Media Mobile customers value.

If Virgin Media Mobile customers are looking for SIM only plans with a lot of data or just enough data to check your emails, there are great deals that will suit your needs.

The best Virgin Mobile SIM Only Deal

Virgin Mobile SIM only offers a range of different plans that customers can choose from. There are deals that offer as low as 1GB of data, 40GB and even unlimited data. For most Virgin Media customers, a really good Virgin media deal is Virgin Media Data 50GB deal. This deal is very cheap, £25,00 for this Virgin Media package. The deal has unlimited texts and 5000 minutes.

The fact that this Virgin Media package offers unlimited data customers can browse on social media and have enough data to stream music and movies. There are other deals that for the right customers can benefit from the Virgin Media online SIM only.

For example, if customers an already with Virgin Media broadband then they can benefit from Virgin Media SIM only option.

Virgin Media Broadband A faster WiFi with Virgin Media Broadband

Virgin Media Broadband have faster WIFI speed than carriers such as Sky and BT. This shows that Virgin Media broadband delivers efficient WIFI speed. The fastest speed that Virgin Media broadband offers is 362Mbps. For £45 a month Virgin Media customer can purchase this amazing deal.

The speed for this perfect for streaming movies online as it won't lag. Virgin Media broadband is United Kingdom's fastest available broadband.

What is Virgin Media Broadband Business?

Virgin Media aims to keep businesses connected by giving them faster WIFI speed. Virgin Media has a Voom Fibre package that is now much faster WIFI for businesses. Not only is the connection much faster but the price is also very affordable.

For example, £45 per month (Voom Fibre 2) will provide your business with reliable broadband speed. This plan is perfect for companies in the sector of Health and beauty or hospitality and leisure.

There are other plans that can relate to other business such as medium or enterprise size businesses. Virgin media is working to keep your business connected.

What about Virgin Media customer service?

Virgin Media customer service is important because it is shows Virgin Media how to improve on areas Customers are not happy about. Therefore, Virgin Media can learn from reading negative reviews.

However, it is very significant to also focus on the good feedback because it means Virgin Media is doing something right. Focusing on positive feedback will also show that certain areas are working.

Virgin Media Customer Service Positive Feedback

Understanding that positive feedback means you are doing something right however, there is still room for improvement.

For example, feedback that relates to an amazing Virgin media package with the customer explaining how the speed of the broadband deal is very efficient and much better than other carriers. Virgin Media still needs to try a stay on top of the game by keep improving on deals to keep more customers happy.

Feedback about engineers service work was also commented on. Virgin Media customer stating that the engineer done a great and also quick job which is they were very please about. Virgin Media still need to find ways to improve services like these.

Virgin Media Customer Service Negative Feedback

Negative feedback can also be seen as not negative but a lesson. Virgin Media customer service can take negative feedback and do their best to improve on the service or problem and try and prevent it from happening again. For example, customers comment on the customer service being bad for multiple reasons.

The virgin Media customer service team need to try their best to resolve this issue. However, the comments based on the internet itself are mostly good so the issue for improvement is the customer service.


Realizing that only having the best or the newest mobile will only be better if you have the right SIM only deal to go with it.

Virgin Media mobiles and SIM only deals give some great deals for Virgin Media customers. The Virgin Broadband also has amazing and affordable prices for customers to relate to. Business owners can seriously consider joining with Virgin Media because of the high speed and quality WIFI Virgin Media offer. Learning about Negative and Positive feedback is always a good learning curve.

Knowing that having positive feedback means that Virgin Media must keep on working to deliver great service. Negative feedback is always great for a company to see where they are and where they need to improve.

Virgin Media is always working to create the best and reliable service for its Virgin Media customers.

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