Holafly eSIM: international data plans for travel abroad | May 2024

Holafly eSIM: international data plans for travel abroad | May 2024

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Last update: May 6, 2024
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Holafly offers

Holafly is a company specialized in the sale of international eSIMs. If you are thinking of traveling abroad and do not want to be left without internet, it is very likely that you will be interested in its catalog.

Use the ROAMS code when you go to buy your Holafly card and you will get a 5% discount. With your Holafly eSIM you can be connected with your family and friends without paying the high costs of roaming.

Buy now an Holafly eSIM card

Holafly offers are made to people who just want to enjoy their trip. Check their rates for more than 160 destinations and choose the one that best suits you and your trip. Many of them are with unlimited data, so you can use the internet without worrying about what you spend.

Opinion about Holafly

Holafly rating by roams:

7.3 Average score
8 Coverage
7 Attention to the client
8 Quality of services
6 range of rates

In general, opinion about Holafly is good. Users value the ease of use of the Holafly electronic virtual SIM card, the prices of its travel cards and the quality of its costumer service, which is available in several languages, including English.

Not all the reviews about Holafly in Truspilot or other valuation websites are good, but negative comments are minimal and they are related to concret problems. In this sense, as always, we recommend you to analyze the experiences of other people, but always with caution.

Instead, our advice is to seek professional opinions. At Roams, for example, we analyze hundreds of telephone and data rates, and we can say that Holafly is a good alternative if you are looking for an international eSIM. Not only because of its low price compared to roaming, but also beause of its variety of deals.

Holafly deals

There are Holafly deals for more than 160 destinatiosn, including EEUU, Japan, Spain, Mexico or Thailand. Holafly travel eSIM can be valid for a single country or for several countries in the same region.

In addition, you can customize your Holafly deal by choosing its validity period and the amount of data. And remember, for the most popular destinations, Holafly offers you unlimited data plans at the best price, which is a great advantage over other brands.

However, keep in your mind that Holafly only sells travel eSIMs, so before purchasing one of their rates, make sure that your mobile supports this type of virtual card. Nowadays, there are several iPhone, Samsung or Xiaomi models, among other brands, that already include this tecnology.

What is an eSim card?

According tu GSMA, by 2025, 35% of all smartphone network connections will be made using eSIM technology (1) , and even in 2 years’ time, 10% of those connections will be via eSIM. So, could it be a good moment to buy a smartphone with eSIM? Think about it!

There are so many Holafly rates that we cannot show you all of them, but here is a table with Holafly prices for the most popular destinations:

Holafly rates
Product Price/validity Data
Holafly eSIM USA £59/30 days Unlimited
Holafly eSIM Spain £44/15 days Unlimited
Holafly eSIM Thailand £59/30 days Unlimited
Holafly eSIM Mexico £49/20 days Unlimited
Holafly eSIM Turkey £29/10 days Unlimited

Use ROAMS as a Holafly discount code and buy your eSIM 5% cheaper

Holafly Customer Service

Holafly Customer Services is one of the company's strengths. It is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Furthermore, you can choose the most confortable way of contact for you:

  • Email: you can write a message to help@holafly.com
  • Chat: you can find it on the website of Holafly
  • Telephone: you can also call at +1 888 509 2045 to reach Holafly team (9-17h Central European Time)

If you need Holafly support, do not hesitate to contact the company as soon as possible. You will also find help from Holafly on their website. Consult the FAQ section, it may be useful for you.

How does Holafly work?

Purchasing and installing an international data plan from Holafly is very easy. You just have to follow these steps:

  1. Choose your data plan Select the number of days and the amount of data you need
  2. Complete the purchase You will have to fill in the usual information such as your name, surname or payment method
  3. Set up your data plan by scanning a simple QR code You will receive this code in your email along with some instructions
  4. Activate the eSIM when you land You'll be connected instantly!

With Holafly eSIM you can call and message all your contacts on Whatsapp, like you're in the same country. Notice that the eSIM is digital, so your original SIM will work as usual if you need it.

Holafly eSIM only includes data. It means that you can't make cell phone calls or send SMS messages, but you can still use Whatsapp or Skype to call your contacts.

Holafly additional services

Holafly is a company specialized in the sale of eSIM. Until not long ago it also sold physical SIM cards, but it has withdrawn this product from its catalogue.

Among Holafly's additional services, we can highlight the eSIMs with VPN for unrestricted browsing that the company offers for destinations such as China. With some deals, you can also share your data with other devices.

What is Holafly?

Holafly it is not a tradicional telephone provider. This brand is an intermedary between users and mobile phone operators. Through agreements, Holafly offers its customers the best mobile coverage abroad.

Holafly eSIMs are purchased online. Once the purchase is complete, you will receive a code and instructions to activate your new international data plan in your email. This allows you to have internet as soon as you land at your destination.

To sum it up, Holafly provides you 4G connection around the world. So, if you get one of their virtual SIM cards, you'll never have to pay roaming fees again. Holafly 5G is not yet available, but the company tries to improve its services day by day.

Holafly app

With the latest launch of the eSIM app, Holafly users with iPhone will not only be able to purchase their eSIM from the online store but also activate, manage and monitor the eSIM fromn their smartphone with complete freedom.

The Holafly eSIM app is available in six languages, is easy to use and will soon be available for Android devices as well. Here you have the download link:

Download now the Holafly App
Consíguelo en el App Store

Holafly Frequently Asked Questions

Holafly tethering, is possible?

Holafly data sharing is possible with some of its deals. You can use Holafly as a personal hotspot if the contracted rate has limited data. With unlimited plans, this is not allowed.

Holafly eSIM not working, what can I do?

If your Holafly eSIM doesn't work, we recommend you to contact with the company as soon as possible. Holafly customer service is available 24/7 and you can speak with their agents in English, German, Spanish or French.

How to activate Holafly eSIM?

You'll receive Holafly instructions with your eSIM card. This document will explain you how to install your Holafly eSIM.

Is Holafly legit?

Of course, Holafly is one of the most popular eSIM brands on the market. Their products are 100% reliable.

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