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Zen Internet: a reliable broadband provider for businesses and homes

Zen Internet: a reliable broadband provider for businesses and homes

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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Choose Zen Internet's Superfast broadband for its speed, dependability, and customer service. Faster than a standard copper connection, superfast fibre is great for video calling, online gaming, and streaming media. This article will help you determine which Zen superfast broadband plan is best for you and your home.

Zen Internet deals

Zen Internet offers a choice of three widely available broadband services, ranging from wallet-friendly basic broadband to extremely fast fibre connection.

These are the packages...


The cheapest service from Zen Internet includes average speeds of 10Mbps and unlimited usage. Choose between a 12-month commitment and a rotating one-month term. Light users, such as those who live alone or with one other person, will find this product suitable. There is an activation cost.

Unlimited Fibre 1

It has 35Mbps average speeds and unlimited usage. A 12-month contract is available. Appropriate for houses with three to four persons who all use the internet. There is an activation cost.

Unlimited Fibre 2

With unlimited usage, you can expect average speeds of 66Mbps. A 12-month contract is available. Suits extremely busy family homes and multiple occupancies, shared residences, such as student housing. There is an activation cost.

All three Zen Internet subscriptions include a landline with pay-as-you-go calls. As a result, you only pay for the calls you make.

If you plan on making many landline calls, you can sign up for an all-inclusive call subscription.

Coverage on Zen Internet

Zen's own network now spans over 500,000 UK postcodes nationwide. Zen runs one of the largest independent data networks in the United Kingdom.

However, size isn't everything. Zen internet has recently made major investments to provide you with improved performance, reliability, and a network that functions without boundaries or restrictions.

In a nutshell, Zen today operates one of Europe's most advanced networks.

Reviews of Zen Internet

It may not have the same brand recognition as BT, TalkTalk, or Virgin Media. However, Zen Internet has a pedigree dating back to 1995, which is truly archaic in terms of the Internet.

So, while you won't receive the same bells-and-whistles approach as the aforementioned major competitors, what you do get is excellent.

Not to mention a range of packages to pick from, an outstanding router, and even a static IP address, the latter of which is ideal for gamers and those running a home business.

It is not the cheapest supplier available. However, the fact that Zen Internet is one of the few providers that still offer 12-month contracts works in its favour.

How to switch to Zen internet

Zen internet's award-winning customer service will make the transition as simple as possible for you. Your changeover will be completed in two weeks so that you are not disconnected throughout the transition.

Simply follow three basic actions to achieve Zen.

  1. Check existing contract. You can switch at any point if you've completed the minimum term.
  2. Select your package. Select an available package and place your order.
  3. Switch to Zen. In most cases, Zen will contact your old provider (see the FAQs for more detail) and start placing your order.

Packages on Zen Internet

Zen Internet has three broadband package levels: Fast, Superfast, and Ultrafast.

The Fast Broadband option provides a download speed of 10Mbps on average. Because ADSL technology is used, bundles include phone line rental.

Its Superfast packages have average speeds of 31Mbps and 67Mbps, respectively, while its Ultrafast option has a maximum speed of 900Mbps.

All options include unlimited usage, so you can enjoy your broadband to the utmost without worrying about throttling, data limitations, or hidden fees. They all have a complimentary wireless dual-band router to help you get the most out of your connection.

Zen Internet provides a static IP address, which is a noteworthy selling advantage. This means you may access your computer and files from anywhere in the world, which is a huge benefit for gamers and remote professionals.

All plans are available on a 12-month contract. Most suppliers like to lock you into an 18- or 24-month contract, so this is a good alternative if you need something for a shorter period of time.

For commercial users, there are more alternatives available, such as online backup, hosting possibilities, and high-end service and support.

Zen Internet customer service

This is where Zen Internet has made its name. Its dependability is well-known, with the superb router guaranteeing that dropouts are rare.

If there are any problems, its customer support team in the United Kingdom is available to assist.

Zen does not appear in Ofcom surveys because it is a tiny provider. However, its numerous awards demonstrate how highly its clients regard it.

Frequently asked questions about Zen Internet.

What is Zen Internet?

Zen internet is a reputable broadband provider for UK businesses; It specialises in providing superfast and ultrafast broadband. While other providers are only just starting to roll out ultrafast connections, Zen Internet has years of expertise in this field.

How to log in to Zen’s webmail service?

Access the Zen webmail service from the Zen internet official website, click on ‘login’ and follow instructions promptly.

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