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Utility Warehouse: broadband and mobile from the multiservice provider

Utility Warehouse: broadband and mobile from the multiservice provider

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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In overviewing Utility Warehouse, we will look at broadband, phone, and mobile services. This study will focus on Utility Warehouse services as mentioned above.

Utility Warehouse broadband and mobile coverage

Utility warehouse uses the EE network as such, it is available in every town in the UK. For the 2021 testing by RootMetrics and the previous eight years in a row, EE was the winner in the overall (best) network performance category.

The speeds provided by Utility Warehouse Mobile will address many of the problems that households with sluggish Openreach connections are now experiencing.

Utility Warehouse Reviews

Currently, all of its services are packaged into one bill and are used by over 650,000 users. This strategy saves families time and money by simplifying their home.

Utility Warehouse provides all of your necessary services in one package and sells energy packages that include broadband, home phone, mobile, home insurance, and boiler care.

Customers of Utility Warehouse can purchase a cashback card that offers up to 7% in cashback at various brick-and-mortar and online merchants (how much depends on the retailer). Your monthly bill will be reduced by the cashback you receive.

Utility Warehouse provides a free iOS and Android mobile app that lets customers track their expenditures. The app can also submit a meter reading and view previous readings.

In the yearly Which? The customer survey received 8,390 responses from the general public. Utility Warehouse is rated third out of 18 energy providers.

With a customer score of 68%, the company outperforms most of the other businesses we surveyed.

The total population that reviewed Utility Warehouse in October 2022 by Trust was 26, 020 out of which 66% gave five stars to Utility Warehouse.

How to switch to Utility Warehouse

Switching your mobile provider to UW is quite simple. All the information required to switch your mobile service is available by text. You may not need to call your existing provider. You can opt to keep your current mobile number, or we will assign you a new one based on your preferences.

If you want to maintain your mobile number, you will require a PAC if you want to continue using your current mobile number after transferring to UW (short for Porting Authorization Code). You can acquire this by sending the keyword to 65075 for free.

If you prefer to get a new mobile number when transferring to UW, you will require a STAC if you'd like a new mobile number (short for Service Termination Authorization Code). To receive this for free, text to 75075. Remember that if you use a STAC, you will be granted a new mobile number and cannot get your old one back.

You must provide Utility Warehouse with your STAC or PAC code when you order your SIM or after we've sent your new SIM. The codes are only good for 30 days. However, if yours does, you should be able to obtain another one if it does so before you use it.

Minimum contract term on Utility Warehouse

Our phones are all on two-year contracts. If you'd like to know when your contract expires, please contact Utility Warehouse on our UK-based customer care team at 0333 777 0777 or fill out the form to send us a message. If you are on a UW mobile, dial 150.

Your price plan's cost will automatically decrease once your contract ends and we stop billing you for your device.

If you're on a SIM-only plan, you need to give us 30 days' notice to terminate; there is no minimum contract duration.

Utility Warehouse deals

Utility Warehouse helpsyou save time and money by bundling your electricity, broadband, mobile, and insurance into one monthly.

When you switch your energy, broadband, mobile, and insurance to UW, you can save up to £506 in total, plus a free £50 credit when you get a UW Cashback Card.

UW provides the most affordable variable energy tariff on the market in the UK.

New UW customers now have access to our lowest-ever broadband costs, which start at just £21.60 with our discount for qualified clients.

With the quickest connections feasible for you, our client at home, with the UW Wi-Fi Hub, which is complimentary with all of our broadband plans, was also recently recognized with a Which?

We also have unlimited data and the whole home Wi-Fi upgrade option.

Roaming charges on Utility Warehouse

Roaming charges are the costs of using your mobile device when traveling (calls, texts, and data).

Note that when you make calls and receive calls outside of the EU or EEA, you will be charged for calls you receive, but the caller will not incur any additional fees. If you reside outside of the EU or EEA, you can be charged for receiving text messages.

Utility Warehouse for Businesses

With dual fuel and single fuel alternatives, as well as many incentives to help you save money over the year, Utility Warehouse Business offers consumers a variety of solutions for your business's energy needs.

Utility Warehouse was established by purchasing a sizable 770,000 clients from Npower, making it one of the biggest energy providers outside the "big six".

Utility Warehouse relies on client referrals and sales representatives to sign up new customers rather than using aggressive promotion like other suppliers.

Utility Warehouse Business provides its clients electricity, gas, broadband, and phone.

According to Trustpilot evaluations, which are frequently from verified orders, or consumers who have been validated, Utility Warehouse offers outstanding customer care in general.

Frequently asked questions about Utility Warehouse.

Who provides energy to Utility Warehouse?

Utility Warehouse is run by Telecom Plus plc and provides consumers with gas and electricity.

Can any routers work with Utility Warehouse?

Yes, any router can be used.

Is 5G currently available with Utility Warehouse?

No, but soon

How do I leave the Utility Warehouse?

Give us a call at 0333 777 3238 or. For free, you can text to 65075. establishing a Clubhouse login.

Who owns the Utility Warehouse?

Utility Warehouse was established a little later in 2002 to include its electricity, broadband, and telecommunications services. It is the brand name of its parent firm.

Andrew Lindsay, an Olympic gold medal-winning rower, and Stuart Burnett, the previous COO of the company, are the co-CEOs of Telecom Plus and UW.

How does Utility Warehouse work?

Utility Warehouse uses "partners" people who sign up to distribute its goods in exchange for a commission—instead of depending on television advertising to entice potential clients to call or visit its website. It has been promoted as the Tupperware or Avon of the utility industry. Utility Warehouse partners are compensated with a commission.

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