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Nomad eSIM: internet deals for travel abroad | May 2024

Nomad eSIM: internet deals for travel abroad | May 2024

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Last update: May 6, 2024
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Nomad eSIM offers

Do you know Nomad eSIM's discount code? If you are a new customer, you can purchase an international data plan using this Nomad eSIM coupon and get a discounted travel card. Interesting, isn't it? Follow these steps to purchase your Nomad eSIM:

  1. Visit the Nomad eSIM website Choose your international data plan
  2. Use your Nomad eSIM promo code Enter it in the Add promotion code section
  3. Wait for the code to be saved and applied et your cheapest Nomad eSIM

If you prefer, you can also redeem this offer through the Nomad app. In addition, with nomad eSIM you can use one-time reference codes that will be applied to your order and will award Nomad points to the person who delivered it to you.

Opinion about Nomad eSIM

Nomad eSIM rating by roams:

6.3 Average score
7 Coverage
6 Attention to the client
6 Quality of services
6 range of rates

Reviews about Nomad eSIM are varied, just like its products. Most of the reviews are positive, but you will also find comments from users who are not satisfied with their Nomad eSIM.

Each experience is unique, so instead of giving too much importance to the opinions of other customers, we recommend you to turn to experts to know if what Nomad offers you is worth it or not.

At Roams, for example, we compare hundreds of phone products and, based on our knowledge, we consider Nomad as a good eSIM brand. Why? Here we have our reasons:

  • In Nomad you will find products to many destinations
  • Their prices are very competitive
  • You can customize your SIM card based on the days you will be away and the amount of data you plan to use.
  • You can receive your Nomad virtual SIM card immediately in the email
  • Activation is easy

On the opposite side, we miss the existence of plans with unlimited data, an alternative that some other companies in the sector do offer.

Nomad eSIM deals

In the Nomad catalog you will find eSIM for more than 100 destinations. The rates that you can contract with this company specialized in the sale of virtual SIM cards are the following:

  1. International data plans by country
  2. Regional international data plans
  3. Global International Data Plans

In addition, this company sells prepaid international SMS plans for Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States and has also incorporated into its list of products the giant data plans with 30, 40, 50 and up to 100GB for places like Australia, China or New Zealand.

Therefore, the price of Nomad depends on where you go and the type of product you buy. To give you an idea, here is a table with the prices of some of the most popular rates:

Nomad eSIM: deals
Product Price Features
Nomad eSIM USA £67/30 days 30GB
Nomad eSIM Thailand £67/30 days 30GB
Nomad eSIM México £22,5€/30 days 5GB
SMS Nomad Canadá £3,50/30 days 100 SMS

Please note that in order to use an eSIM, your mobile device must support this technology. Brands such as iPhone, Samsung or Xiaomi have already incorporated the eSIM to many models and the forecast is that the virtual SIM card is increasingly present.

In fact, according to the GSMA intelligence “eSIM: State of the consumer market and the road ahead” report, by 2025, 2.4 billion smartphone connections will use eSIM globally (1) .

Nomad eSIM Customer Service

If you have any questions or problems, you can contact Nomad customer service. Just choose the channel that's most comfortable for you. The options are:

  • Nomad website: click on Contact us and fill out the form, it will only take you a few minutes to do it.
  • Nomad App: this is probably the fastest and most effective way to contact the brand. And remember that this tool will also allow you to check your data consumption, expand your plan or carry out other procedures.

What is Nomad?

Nomad markets travel eSIM and international SMS plans. Its flagship product is the virtual SIM cards, with which you can have internet abroad at an affordable price.

To do this, the company has agreements with the main operators of the destinations for which it sells eSIM. In this way, Nomad offers the best coverage to its users.

The Nomad team includes travelers, design experts, product developers and data analysts working from different parts of the world.

Nomad additional services

As we have already explained, next to the Nomad eSIM, in the company's catalog you will find prepaid SMS plans to use abroad. This service allows you to send and receive text messages, to and from any phone number in the same country and sometimes to another country as well.

This service includes the assignment of a virtual phone number that will be valid until the plan expires. To make use of it you will need a stable Wi-Fi connection or a mobile data plan, as well as the Nomad app.

In case you need to upgrade your Nomad SMS plan, you can add an add-on. Do it while your plan is active to be able to continue using the same phone number.

Nomad Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my mobile phone as a hotspot while using Nomad eSIM?

Yes. There may be some rare cases where the stability of the hotspot may be influenced by your devices type an the local network, but, in general, tethering funcionality is supoported by all Nomad eSIMs.

How is the Nomad Mexico eSIM?

There are three types of Mexico Nomad eSIMs:

  1. eSIM Mexico 1GB for 7 days for £7
  2. eSIM Mexico 3GB for 30 days for £15
  3. eSIM Mexico 5GB for 30 days for £22.5
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