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Last update: February 17, 2022
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A 12month SIM only deals can take away the pressure of having to top up every month so you can live a more stable life. It is important to find the right 12month SIM only deal that gives you everything you want out of a plan.

What are the best 12month deals in the UK

To find the best 12month SIM only deals the first thing you must do is to find out what you want out of a deal because there are so many great 12month SIM only deals in the UK.

There are 12month contracts that offer unlimited data which is always a good quality to have in a 12month deal because of the world we live in with everything being online.

Make sure you take time to look at what carrier or mobile network provider you want to sign with to join their 12month contract.

For example, Vodafone, EE and Three offer some great unlimited data plans which can benefit the right type of audience.

Unlimited data 12month SIM only deals are perfect for working class people who are always on the go and need endless data for important work duties such as Skype calls which take up a lot of data.

However, if you are a student you too can benefit from a 12month unlimited data deal because with the impact social media has on today's society especially the youth in UK they are always on their phone surfing the net.

Especially when it comes to streaming movies, music and even playing games online with a 12month unlimited data deal students or the youth are able to stay online a lot longer without having to worry about running out of data.

Therefore, 12month unlimited SIM only data deals can be very beneficial to everyone because it provides so much value.

However, sometimes a 12month unlimited data is too much data for someone no matter how the world is today with everything being online.

There are a lot of mobile network carriers that offer 12month SIM only deals that do not offer unlimited data but enough data to get you through the month.

However, be careful when you choose these deals make sure it is the right plan that you want to go on because once you commit to a 12month deal with a limited amount of data you have to stay in that plan for 12 months.

The best 5G 12month deals in the UK

It's great to have a 12month SIM only plans with a lot of data but how cool would it be if you had 5G network with your 12month SIM only plan.

5G network offers speed like never seen before and you will never experience video buffering and unlike 4G if you are in a really crowded place you won't experience a loss of connection.

There are already mobile network providers that offer 5G network with their 12month SIM only deals, for example, EE and Vodafone are two well-known carriers who offer 5G technology 12month SIM only deals.

5G is the future and there are more and more carriers developing 5G network which will benefit the whole of the UK.

So, finding a 12month 5G network SIM only deal is the next step for anyone who is looking for a the best 12month SIM only deal and there is no doubt by the end of 2020 there will be more network providers offering 5G network 12month SIM only deals.

MVNO vs MVNE 12month SIM only deals

An MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) needs a network to carry out their coverage which is why they rely on a MVNE (mobile virtual network enabler). MVNO's are able to create really cheap SIM only deals because they don't have to pay to maintain a network.

For example, Virgin Mobile uses EE's network and they offer really cheap 12month SIM only deals and they can offer cheap plans because they don't have the headache of keeping a network they can just pay for a partnership with EE.

A lot of MVNO's in UK only offer a 1month contract and hardly depend on 12month contracts but some that do are cheap plans.

However, they can be restricted to having a 5G network depending on the MVNO that does offer a 12month SIM only deal.

Major carriers are more well known to offer a reliable 12month contract SIM only deal but if you are seeking cheaper options MVNO 12month SIM only deals are the way to go.

12month deals SIM only minutes and texts

Whatever 12month SIM only deal you choose to join I think it is really important that that deal offers unlimited minutes and texts.

The reason being is that texting and calling can be done through having unlimited data because of the number of apps you can download that offer messaging, calling and video calling.

Lucky for the UK market majority of 12month SIM only deals usually offer unlimited minutes and texts but if you want there are also 12month SIM only deals that offer limited texts and minutes.

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