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Why choose a Family Mobile Plan

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Last update: February 17, 2022
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If you want to save money and be able to share your unused data with your friends and family then a family mobile plan is an ideal choice because a family mobile plan allows you to save money by having discounted plans and making sure that your unused data does not go to waste by sending it to a friend or family member.

What is a family mobile plans?

A family plan was created to target households that would like to save money by sharing a SIM only plan instead of each person in the household paying for individual plans.

However, there are two types of family plans, the first is: one person can purchase a SIM only plan and then any extra SIM on you add to your current plan will come at a discounted price, this mostly known as a discount family plan.

The second type of family plan is a share data plan which allows you to share data with people in your family or group who needs the data more than you do and it would also mean that you would not waste unused data.

The best part about both types of family plans is that it will allow you to save money and the whole household can benefit from this.

Family plans are perfect for families of course, especially for students in the family who are not financially strong as they can benefit from discounted SIM only deals and they probably use more data streaming movies and music so data family sharing plans will be perfect for them.

Also, if you living in a shared house with flatmates than considering any of the two family plans will allow you to save money.

Best family mobile plans UK

To find the best family mobile plan, you first must find the best mobile network provider that offers family mobile plans and hopefully you can and the household you live in can all agree on the right carrier.

Fortunately, for everyone in the UK there are a lot of great mobile network providers that offer great family SIM only deals.

Here is a list of all the mobile network providers that offer family mobile plans UK:

EE, BT Mobile, O2, Vodafone, Tesco Mobile, Sky Mobile, Three and Virgin Mobile all offer decent family mobile plans but which is the best family mobile plan?

You have to find what carrier offers the best benefits that come with a family SIM only deal because it will work out better for you in the long run.

For example, BT Mobile offers flexible and discounted family mobile plans that will benefit your household. With a BT Mobile family SIM you can add up to 4 SIMs and only have one SIM on a 12month contract and the other SIMs be on a 30 day plan.

This creates flexibility for the other family members who are on a 30 day contract plan with all the people on a 30 day plan on a discounted price, also the more people you add to the plan the more the discount grows.

EE family mobile plan offers a 10% discount for every line that is added and you can use family data sharing by sending someone data who is running low. This is a good deal as it allows families to save money and share data so everyone stays connected.

A O2 family SIM plan you are able to add up to 20 connections on your plan which is a lot more than most carriers allow and with more people joining a family plan the more of bigger discount you will become.

Tesco mobile family plans allow you to have monthly perks such as 1GB extra data, £2 discount on your bill and extra minutes and Tesco Clubcard points.

Sky Mobile allows you to roll over and share your data in a family plan which can carry up to 5 SIM cards. Three family deals offer benefits that have discounts and having extra minutes which will save the family money and stay connected with more minutes.

Virgin Mobile family plans offer the simple family plan type of discounted accounts which is always a good benefit to have from a family mobile plan.

Overall, all the carriers in the UK that offer family plans are good because your most likely to get a discount or be able to share your data so you will save money from any family plan you decide to choose.

What family plan has 5G

5G network is the best network in the UK and it offers unbelievable speed that will amaze anyone that uses 5G network. 5G compared to 4G is on another level and in the end of 2020, there will be a much higher percentage in the UK that will have 5G coverage.

However, what provider offers family mobile plans with 5G coverage to go with their amazing family plans? EE, Three, Vodafone and O2 all offer 5G coverage but do they offer 5G coverage with their family plans.

It depends if the family members in the mobile family plan have mobile phone that has the capabilities of acquiring 5G network. This means mobile phones such as Samsung Galaxy A90 or a Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 or any mobile phone that is able to enable 5G data.

Also, you must be in the area that offers 5G coverage in order to use your 5G, be aware that not all areas in the UK offer 5G coverage.

Having a discounted or data sharing family deal with 5G network will benefit everyone in the household because they will have the best data technology in the UK.

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