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Roaming in USA: is it included in my allowance and how much does it cost?

Roaming in USA: is it included in my allowance and how much does it cost?

Fernando Carrillo

Fernando Carrillo Entry updated on Wednesday, May 25, 2022

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Roaming in USA is not free in most UK phone companies, you will be charged up to £5 for every MB and up to £2 for every phone call. On the other hand, carriers like O2, EE or Three offer roaming bundles which allow you to roam overseas for a lower price. However, opting for a fixed price data plan, like an Holafly eSIM card, is one of the best options.

Roaming in USA: can I roam in the United States?

Roaming in the USA is available in almost all UK mobile tariffs, so you can easily roam in the United States with your actual phone without the need to switch SIM cards. This means you can use your data connection or make phone calls if you need to, which we can all agree is really convenient.

What is more, you do not even need to change anything, your phone will automatically connect to the North American mobile network, which according to your carrier or the State you are planning to visit will be different. This also happens when roaming in Mexico, its neighbouring country.

Phone companies have different roaming partners, that is why the network used by your phone provider to roam in the USA can be different to the network used by other UK provider. All in all, you will have no problems with your connection in the States.

Is roaming in the USA free?

roaming in the USA is not usually free, however some carriers like Vodafone or O2 offer free roaming in the USA, usually in their more expensive data plans which include different roaming bundles for free.

For instance, Vodafone offers free roaming in the USA to their Xtra Plan customers, but only to those who have the most expensive Xtra deal, Unlimited Max + 4 Xtra benefits. On the other hand, O2 allows you to roam in the United States with the O2 Refresh tariffs over 90GB or SIM only tariffs over 100GB.

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This is a piece of good news if you are a heavy user and you are going to take advantage of the GB and benefits included, however if you do not use your phone that much and you are choosing one of these deals just for the free roaming, you may be paying a lot for a service that is not really used on a daily basis.
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What are the data roaming charges in the USA?

Data roaming charges in the USA vary greatly from carrier to carrier, as some companies offer roaming bundles to roam overseas. while others charge you according to the data or minutes that you actually use during your stay in the United States.

In the latter case, your mobile network provider will charge you per minute, MB or text message used, usually without any limits so the final roaming charges can be quite high. For example, you could pay up to £2.00 for making a one minute call or £5.00 for each MB used.

On the other hand, some carriers like EE, O2 or Three offer roaming bundles which help you roam at the United States at a lower price. For example, you can access your UK data and minutes allowance for £5 a day on Three, for £6 on O2 or £10 per day on EE.

Keep in mind that roaming charges may seem low at first, but in the end you will end up paying a lot of money just to make a couple of phone calls or post some pictures. So if you are planning to regularly use your phone on the USA, you may consider other options first.

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Which is the best SIM for USA roaming?

An Holafly international eSIM in one of the best SIM cards for USA roaming as it allows you to get a data plan for your phone at a fixed price, that way you know beforehand how much money you are going to spend on your bill at the end of the month.

Even though some could claim that buying a SIM card right at your destination is the best option, with Holafly you get an eSIM card from a local carrier, AT&T, without the hassle of finding a local shop and queueing up just to buy it. You will get your USA eSIM via email seconds after the purchase, so you just have to activate it once the moment comes.

These are the data plans you can buy for USA roaming with Holafly eSIM cards:

Holafly USA data plans
3GB for 5 days 19€
5GB for 7 days 29€
7GB for 10 days 34€
12GB for 15 days 47€
16GB for 20 days 57€
20GB for 30 days 69€
25GB for 60 days 87€
30GB for 90 days 109€

With Holafly USA roaming does not cost a fortune

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