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Minimum term: 12 mos. Contract Network: O2
5000 Minutes & Texts +More Info.
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Tesco Mobile is a carrier in the United Kingdom that but also exists in other locations such as Ireland, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Tesco Mobile offers a lot of different services such as SIM only deals, Tesco Mobile pay as you go deals and in the near future Tesco Mobile will obtain 5G technology.

Tesco SIM only deals that are right for you

Tesco Mobile offers great a wide range of Tesco Mobile SIM only deals that will benefit all Tesco Mobile customers. Tesco Mobile SIM only have a lot of deal deals that have different amounts of data so Tesco Mobile SIM only customers can choose which what deal best suit them. It is important to have a lot of options for data because the world we live in today is always staying active online through social media platforms, gaming and entertainment. Tesco Mobile SIM only has identified this and has created a plan with 100GB that will keep all Tesco Mobile SIM only customers online all the time throughout the month. Tesco Mobile SIM only will provide value for all current and new Tesco Mobile customers.

Don’t want a monthly deal? Try Tesco Mobile PAYG

If being committed to a monthly contract is not your thing than Tesco Mobile has another option which is Tesco Mobile pay as you go deals. The Tesco Mobile pay as you go deals all offer enough data, texts, and minutes to keep you connected. Tesco Mobile Pay as you go is similar to the Tesco SIM only deals because they offer a range of different deals with different amounts of data. Tesco Mobile will target Tesco customers that are travelling on holiday and want a great deal that can keep them live on their Instagram and Facebook. The best part about Tesco Mobile pay as you go is that all the deals are affordable so Tesco Mobile pay as you go customers can also save some money whilst browsing their favourite social media platforms.

What destination is Tesco Roaming to

One of the best part about the Tesco Mobile SIM only deals is that it allows all Tesco Mobile customers to Roam free in 48 destinations. Tesco Mobile will give their customers the opportunity to take their data with them or as Tesco calls it ¨Home From Home¨ also take your minutes and texts with you too. The best part about Tesco Mobile roaming is that it is free so after your holiday there won’t be a massive bill waiting for you when you get back. Tesco Mobile roaming includes all the EU countries so travelling outside of the United Kingdom your Tesco SIM only plan will still be working. However, Tesco Mobile roaming doesn’t just stop there, Tesco roaming has just added more holiday destinations. Places like San Marino, Vatican City and Jersey and many more too so Tesco Mobile customers can enjoy roaming outside the UK.

5G Tesco Mobile coming soon

5G is the latest data service technology and of course Tesco Mobile is already looking to introduce Tesco Mobile 5G. 5G will provide all Tesco Mobile customers with the highest quality of internet service which means super fast downloads for movies, no video buffering, video calling will be super clear and no lagging but 5G will definitely be useful for Tesco Mobile customers who are gamers. Tesco Mobile does not yet have 5G but in the early months of 2020 there will be Tesco 5G so all customers will be able to access the best data service technology.

Tesco Network

It is important to know what network Tesco piggy backs of because Tesco is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) so they must use another network provider to carry out their coverage. Tesco Mobile uses O2’s network which is a good sign as Ow is one of the major network providers that offer their network to other carriers in the United Kingdom. This also means that Tesco Mobile customers will have the same coverage as O2 customers. The Tesco Mobile coverage map is design to show Tesco Mobile customers what areas are covered by 2G, 3G and 4G. The Tesco Mobile coverage map will also show what areas have a strong level of service and the areas with no service so it is important for Tesco customers to check the Tesco coverage map frequently.

If you are looking for that next new mobile phone Tesco Mobile has some amazing deals on mobile phones. Whether to are team Apple or team Samsung Tesco mobile has both brands and their latest mobile phones so Tesco mobile customers have the option of choosing their mobile phone from their favorite brand. Tesco Mobile also has other mobile phones brands such as Huawei and Nokia and many more so if you are a Tesco customer who does not like Apple or Samsung than you have other choices.

Tesco Insurance

Once you get that new iPhone 11 Pro Max or Samsung Galaxy A10 from Tesco Mobile phones it is wise to get Tesco Mobile protect. The Tesco Mobile protect is an insurance to make sure that if you have any damages, stolen or it has been lost the Tesco Mobile insurance will make sure that you are covered. Tesco insurance is also worldwide and if you are based in the United Kingdom and lose your phone you will have a replacement the next day so you can get back to connecting with your friends and family.

Tesco Customer service

On the Tesco Mobile website there is a help and support web page that allows Tesco Mobile customers to help themselves with any issues they have. For example, if you have roaming problems for your Tesco Mobile SIM only plan than there are instructions to help you resolve your problem. If this is not helpful the Tesco Mobile customer can call the Tesco Mobile customers service team who will be happy to help fix the problem. It is also important for Tesco Mobile to take both negative and positive customer feedback seriously so that they can continue to improve and build Tesco Mobile.

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