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Why you should choose Tesco Mobile Deals

Why you should choose Tesco Mobile Deals

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Roams UK Entry updated on Thursday, February 17, 2022

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One of the best advantages that Tesco has over other providers is that it offers affordable prices. The plans may not offer a lot compared to other carriers but with cheap deals customers will find value in Tesco mobile deals.

Tesco Mobile SIM only deals

New Tesco customers that are looking for SIM only deals, will find amazing plans that will offer cheap and reliable deals.

For example, monthly customers can pay as low as £7.50 a month for 2GB 500 minutes and 5000 texts per month.

This is a good deal for a client that does not need a lot of data, minutes and texts to stay connected to family and friends. Tesco mobile offers more deals that provide customers with plenty of data.

4G or 5G

Another reason why customers should join a Tesco SIM only deal is that they have the possibility of choice between 4G or 5G data technology. 4G is a consistent and efficient service, but 5G is on another level.

5G offers clients the ability to watch movies, listen to music and play games without any buffering, whereas 4G may cause video buffering occasionally. One of the best features about 5G is that members who are in a crowded place won't lose any signal, since 4G may have a weak connection in busy places.

5G Deals

Depending on how much data clients need, Tesco Mobile deals offer a range of plans to choose from. One of the best deals is the 100GB plan that only cost £30.00 a month.

However, customers need a 5G mobile phone and live in a 5G area to get 5G service. 4G is offered in more cities across the UK but hopefully in the future there will be more cities with 5G coverage.

PAYG Tesco Mobile

Customers that don't want to be tied down to a contract have the option of joining a pay as you go deal.

For example, University students can get a PAYG deal and have the flexibility of changing their plans every month.

Tourists that visit the UK may find it cheaper to join a PAYG deal if their provider does not offer roaming in the UK.

Tesco Mobile International Roaming Packages

Roaming around the EU is free for monthly and PAYG customers so clients can travel around Europe and use their Tesco SIM plans like they're at home.

However, to roam outside the EU clients must pay extra rates depending on where they travel. Tesco mobile does not offer the best roaming rates outside of Europe compared to other providers in the UK.

Mobile Phones Tesco

Tesco mobile is one of the best places to look for cheap monthly or pay as you go mobile phones deals, so if you are planning to get an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy Tesco has you covered.

Also, there are other branded mobile phones that may appeal to other types of clients such as the Huawei, Alcatel, Doro, IMO, LG, Nokia, Sony and TCL.

Business Mobile deals

Upgrade your business by getting brand new mobile phones to keep employees in the company connected. There are amazing brands to choose from such as Apple or Samsung, so find the best types of phone deals to suit the employees of your business.

Existing Tesco Mobile Customers Deals

Get the most out of your SIM plan by upgrading to save money on monthly plans. For example, Tesco offers deals that will give loyal clients amazing prices on plans. One of the benefits that existing customers can get when they upgrade is data add-ons, Tesco Mobile works hard to give existing customers the best deals.

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