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Talkmobile all information you need to know

Talkmobile all information you need to know

Talkmobile has a good range of Talkmobile SIM only deals and because it is piggy backing of Vodafone's network it means that Talkmobile will have great coverage in the UK. There are a lot of benefits that come with joining Talkmobile.

Talkmobile SIM only

If you are looking for a MVNO (mobile network provider operator) that has some amazing SIM only deals then Talkmobile SIM only deals have some great plans for you.

One of the main benefits of joining Talkmobile is that it is cheap and get a lot of value in regards to the amount of data, minutes and texts.

Talkmobile is being powered by Vodafone which means Talkmobile customers will have one of the best 4G networks in the UK. The Talkmobile plans are very simple as it only offers four plans and none of the plans have a ridiculous price.

It is important that Talkmobile makes you feel free and not tied down to a lengthy contract so with Talkmobile SIM only plans they offer 30-day contracts.

Talkmobile SIM only deals they are designed to be as simple as possible and affordable so that you can enjoy these great SIM only plans without having to worry about spending a luxury.

So, once you decide on what Talkmobile SIM only deal you are after than you can just order a SIM and the team will send you a free SIM and you will be well on your way.

Unfortunately, for those who want to go on a pay as you go deals Talkmobile does not offer any pay as you go deals. Talkmobile use to offer these deals but in 31st August 2017 the service was closed.

Therefore, if you are looking for a carrier that offers pay as you go deals Talkmobile is not the right carrier for you. Talkmobile focuses on delivering great 30-day Talkmobile SIM only deals.

Talkmobile Network & coverage

As mentioned before that Talkmobile is a MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) and must rely on a MVNE (mobile virtual network enabler) which means that Talkmobile has to use another network to carry out their coverage.

Talkmobile uses Vodafone's network which is a good thing because Vodafone is among one of the top and most well-known carriers in the UK.

Vodafone provides Talkmobile with 4G network which means that all Talkmobile customers will have a fast and reliable 4G technology, so you can enjoy streaming music, movies and browsing on your favourite social media platforms.

All Talkmobile customers will have the same coverage as all Vodafone customers, Talkmobile does not have 5G but because Vodafone already has 5G in the UK hopefully in the future Talkmobile makes plans to have 5G technology.

Coverage map

It is important for Talkmobile customers to check the Talkmobile coverage map because it will give you a clear display of what areas have coverage especially 4G coverage.

The Talkmobile coverage map is linked to the Vodafone coverage map and this is because Talkmobile is being powered by Vodafone and they will have the exact same 4G coverage.

You can check your locations coverage by entering your postcode or place into the Talkmobile network status checker, it is really simple to use so please make use of it.

Upgrades Talkmobile

With Talkmobile upgrades you are able to upgrade your Talkmobile plans which means that once you choose a Talkmobile SIM only deal you can upgrade with more data.

So, if you run out of data you can just upgrade but it is important to know that you have to be eligible to upgrade and that depends on the start and end date of your contract.

To check your eligible date, you have to log into your Talkmobile account and you can find out if you are eligible to upgrade your current plan.

Talkmobile Roaming

If you have plans to leave the UK and travel around Europe than don't worry about having to pay anything extra when taking your Talkmobile SIM only deal with you because you will be able to roam Europe like you're at home.

Talkmobile roaming allows you to roam to 41 countries and there will be no extra charges from your current Talkmobile SIM only plan.

Here is a list of destinations below:

Canary Islands
Cyprus (Excludes Northern Cyprus)
Czech Republic
French Guiana


Republic of Ireland
San Marino
St Pierre & Miquelon

Talkmobile Help

With Talkmobile Help customers can use this service to ask any questions they have for any of Talkmobile services. The Talkmobile Help service will give you information that will help you.

Also, the Help service also has predicted questions that most customers have asked in previous years for example, “do you provide 4G or Do you offer phone insurance” and from these questions you will be able to find information about what you're looking for.

The Talkmobile Help service allows customers to help themselves without having to contact the Talkmobile customers service team.

However, if you feel that you still need to contact the Talkmobile customer service team than dial 5888 if you are calling from a Talkmobile phone or 0333 304 8064 from your landline.