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What is bOnline?

What is bOnline?

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Last update: April 1, 2024
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bOnline has had an exciting ride: from Cape Town, South Africa-based website designers to top-rated provider on Trustpilot for UK business broadband and phone lines in less than ten years! bOnline is now working to prepare businesses, especially small businesses, for a landline-free world in 2023. Let’s see if their swift and pioneering success can be passed on to and benefit you, including taking a look at bOnline reviews.

What does bOnline offer?

The strength of bOnline’s model and the secret to its success lies in the fact that they offer three things people truly want.

  1. A wide range of the latest internet communications technology services that businesses can no longer do without, including: websites, search engine optimisation of web content, web domains, and emails; Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, systems, and tools; and business broadband in both ADSL and fibre modes. VoIP, if you don’t know, is phone service delivered via the internet rather than through a phone company.
  2. Packaging these services together in different ways for different companies with different needs and goals, making bOnline a bespoke one-stop shop for cutting-edge business communication tools.
  3. Excellent service to support customers in selecting, learning, using, and changing or expanding these tools as needed.

bOnline deals & packages

bOnline offers ADSL business broadband when lines are maintained by BT Openreach or Talk Talk. The unlimited internet supply speed is up to 24 megabits per second (Mbps).

Speedier broadband makes for speedier business success. Let’s look more closely at what bOnline has to offer in unlimited business fibre internet.

The Unlimited Fibre 76Mbps package costs £26.95 per month plus VAT in December 2020, and includes line rental, an uninterrupted 76Mbps speed guarantee, and free activation worth £45. This package is aimed at small business owners with one to ten employees. This is a 24-month contract, only open to new customers. It comes with a free domain and two business emails. The price reverts to £29.95 at the end of six months.

The same deal with all the bells and whistles but a lower guaranteed speed of 38Mbps is £24.95 plus VAT as of December 2020, reverting to £27.95 after six months. Even after the promotion ends, these are still low prices for great services.

For all of their packages, bOnline offers three truly helpful extras:

  1. Free switching support. If you’re moving over from another provider, bOnline handles the whole thing for you. For nothing.
  2. A price match guarantee. bOnline’s services are so reasonably priced that it seems unlikely you’ll find the equivalent services at a lower price. But if you do, bOnline will match it.
  3. Free, box-fresh, plug-and-play wireless routers.

bOnline customer service: how to make a complaint

This all sounds wonderful, but what if you experience a disappointment? Online bOnline reviews suggest that you’re still in good hands. The company has an impressive 4.6 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot out of 5910 reviews as of December 2020. Looking through the great bOnline reviews, the reason for the plaudits leaps out at you: it’s the customer support. So many bOnline reviews specifically refer to named advisers who were said to be professional, friendly, and solution-oriented.

bOnline has a clear and thorough complaints policy, available on its website as a downloadable PDF. You can make a complaint by calling 0203 815 6265, by emailing, or in writing, though the last is of course much slower.

How to contact the bOnline customer service team?

Respected awarding bodies CommsBusiness and Comms National Awards have recognised bOnline for its efforts in customer service and business development. You can contact its award-winning customer service team by online email form, by live chat, or by phoning 0203 697 4166 and requesting a callback. As well as its original offices in Cape Town, bOnline also has London offices to power its UK expansion.

bOnline router: set up, user & password settings, return

As noted, all routers supplied with bOnline packages should be plug-and-play. If you have a problem but don’t want to contact bOnline directly about an issue, you may be able to find a solution in the company website’s Help section. Useful pages include detailed instructions on how to change the username and password for your router.

If you need to return your router to bOnline for some reason, the company makes it free and easy to do so. Simply follow the instructions and print the label provided in the Help section of the website.

The company is always trying to improve and loves feedback, so every Help page has a way to leave bOnline reviews at the bottom. When bOnline asks ‘how did we do?’, it seems that most customers click the emoji with hearts for eyes.

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