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What services does EE provide?

What services does EE provide?

Firstly, lets acknowledge that EE is an award-winning network company and if that does not speak for its self, I don't know what statement would. EE is a United Kingdom provider that has a lot of different services that can cater to all current EE customers and potential EE customers.

What does EE Shop do?

The EE shop advertises all the EE products and EE deals such as mobile phones, tablets and amazing EE SIM only deals.

The EE shop offers a range of different of products with different brands and all EE customers can make a purchase online.

Brands such as Apple, Samsung, Sony and Nokia combined with products like a Smart Phone, Smart TV or even a Smart watch EE customer can find what they are looking for in the EE shop.

The EE shop is an online outlet to shop for broadband deals and also some of the best SIM only deals. EE customers can use the EE shop to find some of the best EE Broadband and SIM only deals EE has to offer.

There are great deals on all of the electronic devices especially heading into the right season of the year for example Christmas.

The EE shop is designed to create a space for all EE customers to browse and purchase products.

If you live in the UK, the EE shop will deliver your product for free on the same day with superfast delivery and also set up. To receive your product on the same day an order must be made before 12pm that day.

How good is EE Broadband

EE has some really good EE broadband deals that will benefit EE customers and is also very affordable.

The EE broadband deals come with unlimited data so EE customers do not have to worry about choosing a broadband deal with the eight amounts of data.

EE broadband also has superfast fiber which is 30 times faster than your average broadband. Also EE will never hold you back by slowing down your WiFi speed even in times that are very busy.

If EE customers want to make sure that they have WiFi all over the house, EE broadband also offers a smart hub router. This will make sure that all corners of the house is covered and everyone in the house can get a strong WiFi signal.

There are different EE broadband deals that range from a different price depending on what EE broadband deal your household is after.

All broadband deals will benefit your household in some way by providing reliable and fast connections and also at an affordable price.

EE Customer Service

The EE customer service team is always looking for ways to provide EE customers quick service by solving any problems as soon as possible..

The EE customer service team helps provides its EE customers with a web page on their website that allows EE customers to solve their own problems.

There is information in the website that will provide clear instructions for EE customers to help themselves solve their problem.

For example, if an EE customer is experiencing issues with their broadband the EE customer service web page on the website will have a section with information about EE broadband.

EE customers can call the EE customer service team if they feel the webpage can't resolve the issue there is always the option to contact the EE customer service team and have a chat.

Also EE customer service has a live chat option which can help EE customers individuals and small business.

An amazing tool that will allow EE customers to connect better with the EE customer service team.

What is EE Mobile SIM only and phones

There are so many options to choose from to find the right EE SIM only deal and also a selection of 5G ready mobile phones.

There is a range of different EE SIM only deals that have great benefits. For example, most of the EE SIM only plans have a swappable benefit such as BT sport and data passes.

EE Mobile phones now have mobile phones that are 5G ready which means that EE customers can benefit from the 5G technology which is the best, fastest and most reliable connection.

EE Mobile SIM only and EE mobile phones will give value to all EE customers in regards to giving them the best EE SIM only deal and the latest mobile phone 5G ready.

An example of an EE Mobile SIM only EE deal

A good example to show the awesome deals for EE SIM only deal is a deal that is offering 100GB.

This is a good EE SIM only deal because of the amount of data it offers. In this society being online is one of the main things to do.

Also another reason why this is a good EE deal is the fact that this EE SIM only deal is not overly expensive. For £27.00 a month EE customer can benefit from this awesome EE deal.

EE Business – Small business and Large business

It doesn't matter if EE customers have a small business or a large business EE has services that will benefit all companies.

EE business offers a small business mobile phones that are 5G ready and also amazing SIM only deals that will benefit employees in your company.

There is a mobile broadband that can create the perfect hotspot area for your business.

For a large business EE business offers superfast 4G network so your company can stay connected all the time for longer.

Employees can roam without having to worry about disconnecting and WiFi calling will be super easy.

EE business is catered to any size of the company.


EE has services that all EE customers and new EE customers can be happy with. The EE shop shows all services such as the EE broadband and EE SIM only deals.

The EE customer service team is always trying to create the next best way to EE customers solving their own problems online through the EE website.

EE business now has services that will help keep a small or large business connected for longer with superfast 4G network whether it's in the office or out and about.