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Last update: May 29, 2023
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Have you ever wanted to take your broadband with you wherever you go? With O2 mobile broadband you can do just that.

An O2 Mobile broadband is the perfect device to keep in your pocket so you can be a walking hotspot.

What deals does O2 Mobile broadband offer?

Customers can join a monthly plan or a pay as you go deal when choosing a mobile broadband.

Also, O2 business customers have the opportunity to join a monthly or PAYG deal.

For monthly plans there are 8 deals and the best is the Huawei 5G Pocket Hotspot Pro.

The main reason is that it is 5G ready, which means customers will get the best data technology in the UK.

5G offers unrivalled speed and customers won't experience a weak signal in crowded places compared to 4G.

However, the best 4G O2 mobile broadband is the Huawei 4G Pocket Hotspot 2020, which still provides a reliable Internet connection.

The rest of the mobile broadband plans offer 4G data technology and each device has its own characteristics that can be perfect for the right type of customer.

O2 mobile broadband can connect up to 10 devices at the same time, which is perfect for studying outside the library or off-site business meetings. 


Pay as you go deals

O2 mobile broadband PAYG deals don't offer a lot of options but it does provide clients with 4G data technology.

There are four devices to choose from, but the best is the Huawei 4G 2017 model based on the reviews on the official O2 website.

How to top up a O2 mobile broadband

The best way to top up a mobile broadband is to go to a local O2 store and purchase a O2 top-up card.

After purchasing the top-up voucher dial 4444 for free if you're using a O2 mobile number or +441753 552 277 from any phone and 08456 062 277 from a landline.

Customers can top-up online by dialling 4444 and registering their credit or debit card.

However, clients can set up an auto top-up payment that can be activated if members are using the My O2 app.

O2 recommends that members top-up before travelling but, if they need to, they can take their O2 top-up voucher with them.

A good option to consider is to buy any O2 mobile broadband dongle and choose a SIM plan with unlimited data.

This can be costly for customers, as they have to pay for both the mobile broadband dongle and the SIM plan.

What is my username and password for my O2 mobile broadband?

Creating a password for your mobile broadband is recommended especially if you are sharing your device with friends.

However, when you get your O2 mobile broadband dongle the default password and username is 'admin'.

Follow the steps below to change the password:

  • Go to 'System'
  • Select 'Device Settings'
  • Choose 'Modify Password'

Make sure to think of a password that is unique but one that is not too hard to remember.

How to solve O2 mobile broadband problems?

It's normal to have issues with any mobile broadband in the UK and O2 understands that.

That's why it's important that customers know whom to contact when they have issues or enquires about their O2 mobile broadband.

Members are advised to dial 0344 809 0202 for monthly plans, 0344 8090 222 for pay as you go customers and 0800 977 7337 for business clients.

The reason for separate numbers is that there is a specific customer service team that is trained to deal with certain mobile broadband deals.


Overall, the mobile broadband is a great device for people who want to travel around the UK and still have high quality Wi-Fi.

However, there are other providers in the UK that offer more than 10 devices to be connected to a mobile broadband but that depends on what customers want.

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