Is O2 Fibre Broadband just for Business?

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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O2 only offers fibre broadband to businesses, however, in 2013 it used to be one of the most popular home broadband providers in the UK.

If clients want broadband for personal use they can join O2 mobile broadband deals.

The Benefits of a O2 Fibre broadband Business Packages

O2 provides businesses with a range of deals to choose from so that they can find the right plan for their business.

Clients should take advantage of the low–cost extra addons that are designed to make businesses better, such as a static IP address to host a business website or FTP server.

The process of setting up your business broadband is super easy, including switching to O2, and companies will get 24/7 broadband support.

The managing of a business broadband account is done online, including the check of bills and online payments.

Customers can save money by getting a free line rental for 3 months with a 1GB data allowance.

Find the right O2 Fibre Broadband Package

Companies need to check the size of their business and then choose a broadband deal that is right for them.

O2 offers four plans that provide different Internet speeds, such as the Fibre Branch deal, which gives clients a usage allowance of 300GB and an average download speed of 80Mbps. This deal is targeted towards large businesses.

The Fibre Office Standard offers an average download speed of 55Mbps and is perfect for medium sized companies.

However, if you are running a start-up or small online business, the Fibre Start and Fibre Worker packages offer an average download speed of 40Mbps.

O2 Business Fibre Broadband Support

There are two separate numbers to contact the O2 broadband support team; the main reason for this is that companies can speak to a customer service agent that specializes on the size of the business.

For example, companies that have less than 10 employees can dial 0800 028 0202 -these are start-ups or small online businesses-.

However, for large enterprises or public sectors that have more than 10 employees, they can dial 0800 955 5590. This is a great way to ensure the broadband support is efficient.

Why is the O2 broadband checker important?

The O2 coverage checker gives customers the ability to check the signal of the area they live in. This is a great tool to use, as some areas in the United Kingdom don't offer a strong Internet connection.

The O2 coverage map is easy to use as customers can select a service with which they are having trouble, such as voice, data, text or loss of signal.

Enter the postcode or the full address and the coverage map will give you an indication of what is causing the problem in your area.

However, O2 offers information on the website that may help resolve the problem but if the issue can't be fixed, then contacting the customer service team is the next best solution.

Most broadband issues result in heavy weather that can interrupt the signal but it can usually withstand heavy rain.


Overall, these broadband packages offer enough Internet speed to suit any business and having 24/7 broadband support is a bonus.

Choosing a broadband provider that offers low-cost addons can save money for small businesses that are starting up.

Hopefully in the near future O2 can offer fibre broadband for homes.

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