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Does Sky TV offer Free Channels?

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Nadia Pérez

Nadia Pérez Post updated on Thursday, February 4, 2021

Customers will receive free Sky channels that will keep the whole family entertained by showcasing movies, shows, sports and a free channel for kids.

How to find the Best Sky TV Channels

Sky TV offers so many different channels that are catered to what clients prefer to watch. For example, a family household will be more interested in Sky Cinema because it offers the best movies, shows and family entertainment. 

However, university students will be keen on Sky Sports as it provides live sports updates on the Premier League and many other sporting events.

What are the different Sky TV Channels

Sky Signature is the correct term to refer to the base package of channels that any Sky customer would get by signing up for any Sky TV and Broadband deal.

Here is a list of the Sky Signature TV Channels: 

  • Movies
  • Sports 
  • Lifestyle, entertainment
  • Musical 
  • News 
  • Children
  • Shopping 
  • Worldwide
  • Religion
  • HD
  • Radio 

Remember that clients can add other channels such as Sky Cinema, Sky Sports, Sky Ultimate TV, Sky Kids and Sky HD. 

Sky Sports Channel offers what exactly?

Sky Sports is a channel that is designed to give viewers the latest sporting events. The Premier league, Super Rugby, Super League and many more major sports are back! So don't miss out on the action.

Sky Sports Channels 2020
Sky Sports
  • Sky Sports F1
  • Sky Sports NFL
  • Sky Sports Arena
  • Sky Sports news
  • Sky Sports racing
  • Sky Sports mix HD
  • Sky Sports Box Office
  • Sky Sports Action
  • Sky Sports Cricket
  • Sky Sports Football
  • Sky Sports Golf
  • Sky Sports Main Event
  • Sky Sports Premier League

What is Sky Cinema?

Sky Cinema focuses on giving viewers the best movie night experience with the latest releases Sky has to offer. Clients must pay extra for this channel but it is worth it in regards to getting better entertainment.

Sky Cinema Channels 2020
Sky Cinema
  • Sky Cinema Premiere
  • Sky Cinema Superheroes HD
  • Sky Cinema HD Hits
  • Sky Cinema Greats
  • Sky Cinema HD Animation
  • Sky Cinema Family
  • Sky Cinema Disney
  • Sky Cinema Action
  • Sky Cinema Comedy
  • Sky Cinema Thriller
  • Sky Cinema
  • Sky Cinema HD Sci-fi and Horror

Sky Kids now have their own channel

Sky Kids will keep the youngest entertained during the next school holidays, when kids want to chill and watch cartoons or any kids shows.

Sky Kids Channels 2020
Sky Kids
  • Baby TV
  • Boomerang
  • Cartoonito
  • Cartoon Network
  • Disney Channel
  • Disney Junior
  • Disney XD
  • Nickelodeon
  • Nick Jr
  • Nick Jr Too
  • NickToons

Sky TV & Broadband Deals 

Get more out of your money by investing in a Sky TV and Sky Broadband deal. This is a great way to make sure your Sky TV Wi-Fi connection is high quality with Sky Broadband. 

A Sky TV broadband deal offers benefits such as Sky HD and Sky Sports as a plus in their Sky channels. 

The contract length for a Sky TV broadband is 18 months so customers don't have to worry about looking for a new broadband or TV service for at least another year. 

What is Sky Mobile?

Sky mobile users can watch their favourite shows, movies and sporting events on their mobile phone. The best feature about Sky mobile is that customers can watch on the go without using any of their data. 

This can be beneficial to so many different customers; for example, university students that are travelling in the tube can stay entertained by watching on the go and this is a great way to keep the kids entertained on long car rides.

Customers can head to the official Sky UK website to find out more information about Sky Mobile.


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