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Last update: March 27, 2024
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The Sky VIP loyalty scheme is available to all existing Sky customers, and the exact perks you get depends on how long you've been with the company.

The purpose of Sky VIP is to reward current customers, encourage loyalty and give an incentive to stay with Sky.

The treats that are offered can range from concert tickets to entry into prize drawers.

Previous rewards have included free tickets to sporting events, such as the British Masters and the Premier League, preview screenings of new films and prize draws for Sky-related experiences, such as visiting the filming locations of Game of Thrones tickets to gigs and football matches.

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What does Sky VIP offer?

There are four tiers:

  1. Sky VIP Silver (0-3 years): This tier gives you access to exclusive prize draws and free tickets to events across the UK. These could be sports events like Premier League matches or the Masters, cinema previews or other special events.
  2. Sky VIP Gold (3-8 years): This tier gives you access to a new channel: Sky Atlantic VIP. It also shows some of Sky's top shows 24 hours before anyone in the Silver tier. You also get Sky Go Extra for free, which lets you download shows onto your phone to watch online, access it from more devices, and stream on devices like games consoles.
  3. Sky VIP Platinum (8-15 years): This tier gives you free setup if you want to upgrade to Sky's superfast fibre optic broadband. It also gives you a free data boost if you have a Sky Mobile plan (from September 2017).
  4. Sky VIP Diamond (15+ years): This tier gives you free Sky Q setup, so you can get access to the company's best TV technology for a lower price. Also includes priority support with a dedicated phone number and advisors, so if you need customer service or technical help, you'll get it quickly. Basically, Diamond gets you all the benefits of Silver, Gold and Platinum.

How does Sky VIP work exactly?


The length of ‘tenure’, to qualify for Sky VIP is how long you have continuously been a Sky customer.

If you left and returned to Sky, only your most recent tenure length counts. Day one of your tenure was the date the service was activated, not the date you first made contact with Sky. This is unlikely to push you out of a tier but it’s always handy to know.

If you cancel all your Sky services but then return at a later stage, the length of time resets to zero and restarts. If you’re in debt on your account, you can’t join Sky VIP. If you go into debt after joining, your account will be restricted and you won’t be able to redeem any rewards.

As your tenure length increases, more rewards will be unlocked automatically. Some of these rewards require Sky TV. If you don’t have Sky TV you are not eligible for a replacement reward. Adding more services like broadband does not affect the length of your tenure.


How do I get Sky VIP?

Login to your Sky account or download the My Sky app.

Your app will then automatically grant you the rewards corresponding to your tier, and you’ll get a free Welcome Gift of a Sky store movie or another equivalent reward.


Is Sky VIP worth it?

If you are a Sky customer and you are thinking of switching or leaving Sky, you may be tempted by the VIP rewards. Is it worth it?

Compared to other providers Sky broadband and TV packages tend to be a bit more expensive, and you may decide you want to uncouple your broadband and TV provider to get better value deals. If you like streaming platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix you may be better off just having these packages and a separate broadband deal.

However, if you’ve already been with Sky for five years plus you might decide to stay and cash in on some of the rewards.

If you’ve been with Sky for a long time and your kit needs upgrading, then you should register and take advantage of the benefits that come from being a Sky VIP member. Even if you’ve been with Sky for the short to medium term then register anyway to claim your rewards. Everyone loves a freebie.

Are you thinking of switching? For those who are thinking of switching, consider what the rewards are worth in reality, as leaving means you’ll need to build up your loyalty again. Shop around as new providers have plenty of offers to tempt you in.

You might also be able to nab a deal if you call up to cancel. Sky will want to hang on to you as a customer.

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