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Last update: March 27, 2024
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No matter how much you love watching Sky programmes, there may come a time when you want to cancel Sky. This guide addresses how and where to cancel a Sky subscription, penalties that may apply for cancelling early, and other things which should be taken into account when ending a contract with the company.

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How to cancel a Sky subscription

The ease, speed, and cost of cancellation depends on the length of contract, whether you have completed the minimum term, and what the notice period is. You can cancel Sky at the end of your contract, subject to a specified notice period.

If you cancel before the term, usually twelve or eighteen months, has ended, Sky will apply charges and there may be other conditions. So read your contract carefully to understand your position before making any decisions. You can assess early cancellation fees using this online calculator.

Contact Sky using one of these methods, no matter which service you wish to cancel.


If you inform Sky of your intention to cancel by email, you must follow that up with a call, to confirm account holder status. Emailing gives you a record of your request, in the event of any disputes.

A reply may take as long as five days, but note that your notice period begins the day you send it, not the date of reply. Include your account number, name, address, all contact details, and a clear statement of intention to cancel. When you call to confirm, don't allow the operator to tie you up: remember you've already cancelled.


Calling 03332 022 135 gets you through to the Sky customer contact centre between 8:30am and 7:55pm, seven days a week. Calls are free for Sky Talk customers, but there may be a charge for other accounts.

Your call will be answered by an automated service, but you need to speak to a human, so keep going through the options until you reach an operator.

Live chat

If you want to avoid a lengthy call, start a live chat online between 8:30 am and 8 pm on any day. The representative may ask you to switch to telephone, but don't: this isn't necessary.

Before you leave Sky: important things to consider

Leaving Sky may not be as easy as you would prefer, so you should be clear in your own mind about your intentions, and know your contract and rights before doing so.

  • In most cases, even if you're at the end of your contract, you must still give Sky notice of 31 days.
  • Sky is notorious for doing all it can to keep your business. The operator may try to talk you out of cancelling, or offer incentives to stay. Say you wish to cancel Sky as soon as they answer, and stick to your goal politely but firmly.
  • Sky will provide the actual end-of-service date in writing, usually at midnight 31 days hence. Leave nothing to chance. Note that date, and check no further payments are taken.
  • With Sky Q customers, equipment belongs to Sky, and must be returned. You'll be given instructions and packaging. You have 90 days from the end of contract, or will incur a punitive fee of £30-£140 depending on the box or hub.
  • If Sky increases your deal price while in contract, it must tell you so in writing, offering a new contract. You have 30 days to cancel without charge. This is required of every supplier by Ofcom.
  • You have a cooling-off period of fourteen or 31 days at the start of service, during which you may cancel at no charge.

Cancel Sky Sports

Because recent events have reduced live sports, you can suspend your Sky Sports subscription, easily and for free. This applies only if you have Sky broadband; if you get Sky Sports through another provider, check their website.

Call 0800 151 2747 and say the words 'cancel Sky Sports'. You'll be asked if you want to pause your service. The process is automated and takes less than a minute. You can also pause online. You can still watch sports channels, and Sky will lift suspensions when sports return to normal.

How to cancel Sky TV

For cancellation of Sky TV service generally, all of the above applies. At the present time, Sky is using social distancing for its customer service arrangements, so wait times may be longer than usual when calling or requesting a live chat.

Can I cancel Sky Broadband?

As always, check your contract before making decisions or calls. You probably must give fourteen days' notice, except within the cooling-off period. As with all procedures to cancel Sky, don't change financial arrangements until everything is agreed, as you may still owe further payments.

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