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Sky Box: What does it offer?

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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The Sky Box is no longer being sent out to new customers. The Sky Q box is Sky's latest set top box. The Sky+ HD box used to be the standard set-top box you got with a Sky TV package, so if you have been a customer for quite a while you may have this type of box. Let's have a look at its features, and common issues that you can troubleshoot yourself.

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What is the Sky Box?

When you purchased a Sky TV package in the past, you got a choice of two set top boxes for your television: the Sky+ HD box, or the Sky+ HD 2TB box. The first was the basic box you get for free with your new package, but the 2TB one cost extra - though you got a lot more space for recordings.

What are its features?

The main draw of Sky's TV boxes is that you can use them to pause, rewind, and record live TV - 185 hours of standard definition television (or 60 hours of HD) on the regular Sky+ HD box, or a massive 1180 hours (350 hours of HD) on a 2TB one. You can store a month and a half's worth of continuous TV on one single box… that's a lot of hours of your favourite shows!

The clever tech allows you to record two things at once while also watching something else you've recorded, and the Smart Series Link makes sure your favourite shows are recorded when you forget to set a reminder.

As its name suggests, the box is HD ready too, which is great considering Sky's TV packages include up to 73 HD channels. It also supports 3D shows, which will be available on demand since Sky closed its dedicated 3D channel.

A Sky set top box means you'll be able to use its user-friendly, and super easy-to-understand TV guide. The home page has a few features to help you discover new TV and films to watch too: there's Suggestions, where Sky will give you some recommendations based on what you've recorded and downloaded, and Top Picks, where you can see what's hot right now.

You'll need a broadband connection to access all the on demand content that Sky has to offer, but the box makes this easier with built-in Wifi. That means it'll connect to your internet wirelessly and there's no need to fiddle around with massive cables all over the house.

In fact, if you connect your smartphone or tablet to that same Wi-Fi and download the Sky+ app, you can use it as a remote control to pause and rewind whatever you're watching. And wherever you are, you can use the app to manage your recordings and explore the TV guide.

Common issues and troubleshooting

Nothing is happening on screen / my screen is blank…

Your Sky±HD box may not be plugged into the mains. Your TV may not be able to detect the input automatically.

  1. Make sure the mains lead is properly plugged in and your Sky box is switched on.
  2. Check that your Sky HD box is not in standby. The light on the front panel of your Sky HD box should be green.
  3. Press Sky on your remote to control your Sky±HD box.
  4. Make sure that your cable is connected to both your HD box and your TV. Refer to your TV user manual to find your input.
  5. Use your TV remote to scroll through the AV input options until you find the input(s).
  6. Press Sky on your HD remote and the picture should appear. If you have checked the above and still can't see anything on screen, please refer to your TV user manual to find out how to set up your input(s).

My box says: 'No signal found'

Your Sky HD box couldn't find a signal after you asked it to find new channels.

Check the settings you entered were right.

Sky Customer Services

You can contact Sky on 03337590111. Calls to Sky contact centres are free for Sky Talk customers. Costs for calls from other providers will vary.

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