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Nadia Pérez

Nadia Pérez Post updated on Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Sky Cinema is the one channel customer's need after a long day at work to relax and enjoy some great entertainment with the family. There are plenty of great genres that offer amazing moves.

How do we get Sky Cinema? 

You can have Sky Cinema for free, as soon as you join a Sky TV deal. Sky Cinema is included in Sky Signature, the basic package you will receive as a Sky TV customer.

Clients will get over 200 channels for free including Sky movies. This is a great deal from which families will benefit having other channels that they might relate too. 

What movies does Sky offer? 

Sky offers a wide range of movie genres to keep the family or the household entertained. For example, people who are interested in horror movies, will be able to watch the Sky Horror section.

If the oldies in the family want to plan their next movie night, then tune into Sky TCM to watch all the Classic Movies.

Sky Signature offers a wide range of channels that include Film4, FilmOn TV, More Movies, Movies 24, Movies 4 Men, True Movies 1 and True Movies 2.

Sky Signaure Film Channels 2020
Sky Signature Film4, FilmOn TV, More Movies, Movies 24, Movies 4 Men, True Movies 1 and True Movies 2

Why add Sky Cinema

Signing up to the standard a Sky TV deal will provide customers with a lot of free channels. However, if clients want to make their household a lot more entertaining, then they need Sky Cinema. 

Sky Cinema is a add on channel that gives members a better experience when it comes to watching movies.

Sky Cinema is Sky Signature on steroids and it offers the following genres Action, Classics, Comedy, Disney, Family, Greats, Hits, Premier, Romance, Sci-Fi and Horror, Select and Thriller. 


Sky Cinema Channels 2020
Sky Cinema Sky Cinema Premiere, Sky Cinema Superheroes HD, Sky Cinema HD Hits, Sky Cinema Greats, Sky Cinema HD Animation, Sky Cinema Family, Sky Cinema Disney, Sky Cinema Action, Sky Cinema Comedy, Sky Cinema Thriller, Sky Cinema, Sky Cinema HD Sci-fi and Horror


Sky Cinema can also cater to the kids by giving them awesome movies on Disney, while parents can stay entertained from Action and Classics movies.

Sky Cinema TV Deals

There are amazing deals that offer great Sky TV packages that include Sky Cinema and other add-ons, such as Sky Sports, Sky Kids and more. 

Depending on what Sky TV deal members choose and the add-ons it includes, the price will vary.

For example, a Sky TV package that offers Sky Cinema, Sky Kids, Sky HD and Sky TV will cost more than a Sky TV deal with only the Sky Cinema add-on. Therefore, it is important to choose the right deal for you.

How to use Sky TV Guide

The Sky TV guide is an amazing tool organize and keep track of what movies will be played during the week. The guide gives the customers a weekly notice of all the programs that will be played. 

For example, on a regular Wednesday, clients can see what movies are playing on Sunday and book or plan the next movie night. Also, the Sky TV guide shows all the programs of other channels, including sports. 

This is good news for customers who want to add on Sky Sports and follow the Premier League. The Kids can get to action and see what Disney shows will be airing the on Sky TV guide. 

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