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Is Sky broadband reliable?

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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The first features of Sky Broadband below will help you to get a decision on whether this provider is reliable and good enough on expected speeds.

When we evaluate a provider, there is one point that we should not overlook and that is the user comments or what experts say about the provider offers, including costs, packages, offers, quality, etc. Thus, it is ideal to read some reviews before choosing one so that we do not have the goat and the rope.

Throughout the year, Sky has received numerous reviews on broadband services. However, we need to find out in-depth what their services offer and how they rate in comparison to other providers. In this article, we will focus our attention on reviewing the Sky Broadband.

Sky Broadband speeds

In the case of Sky Broadband, it does not respond very positively in terms of speeds. We can purchase packages of 11Mb, 36Mb and even 63Mb of optical fiber and yet, when the broadband is running, it barely adheres 30 Mb with slow and intermittent speeds. This is according to users' opinions.

Unlike Sky, NOW broadband has faster speeds up to 63Mb and the package has affordable prices as well.

A positive point for Sky Broadband is that it offers unlimited broadband, i.e. there is no limit on downloads or usage, which is appealing to users.

Sky customer service

Like all services, it has positive and negative comments based on the users own experience. Some users highlighted that Sky has unsatisfactory feedback from their customers. On this point, Sky should improve to give its user satisfaction. Despite this criticism, as a good point, it can be said that support has been quite good over the last few years. For example, call waiting times are not bad compared to other providers. At present, they refused to send engineers when there were faults, however, in the last few years, they have improved a lot.

It is notable, despite the comments mentioned in some blogs, that Sky has been recognized by companies like YouGov as a better provider with customer service available seven days a week operating from 7am to 11pm in live chat.

Sky Broadband deals

Sky offers three Sky Broadband package deals available with 11Mb, 36Mb, 63Mb average speeds, and its ADSL can change according to the zone. At the same time, you can get access to Wi-Fi Hotspots through the packages. So if you are a Sky Broadband customer, you will get free access to every Wi-Fi point across your country.

Sky Broadband Essential

It is a package that provides 11Mb download speeds together with an 18/monthly contract for £25/month. It is an ideal package for small but cozy homes where 1.3Mbps speeds work fine.

Sky Broadband Superfast

It is a Premium package of £27/month that has an 18 months contract. The average speed is centered at 59Mbps, and upload speeds are 19Mbps.

Sky Broadband Superfast with Boost

It is a package with a fee of £32/month with average speeds of 59Mbps, and unlimited usage.

Sky Broadband Routers Review

Another interesting feature of Sky Broadband is its routers. Sky currently offers 2 routers Sky Hub and Sky Q Hub. The first one is a standard router that you can get free when you purchase a broadband package. Otherwise, you can get Sky Q Hub for an extra fee by including a Sky Q TV and Broadband package in your bag.

Sky Hub is Wi-Fi 802.11n compatible allowing up to 300Mbps broadband connection and operating with a 2.4GHz and 5GHz band. Meanwhile, Sky Q Hub is compatible with the ultimate Wi-Fi 802.11ac, a dual-band capacity working with connections to 1300Mbps and operating with a 5GHz band.

Both routers have similar features, but with Sky Q Hub you can connect up to 64 devices working at the same time and get faster speeds.

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