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Shell broadband reviews: broadband, coverage, and customer service

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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Shell broadband reviews show clearly that Shell Energy broadband packages are fast, reliable and trustworthy with an amazing customer service. They offer two major ultrafast broadband packages that come with the technicolor routers. In this post, we will review Shell’s broadband service, speeds available, prices, add-on option. We will also explain how good their customer service is based on the options it offers customers or its policies.

Is Shell broadband any good?

Shell broadband reviews show that shell energy broadband packages are very good for their prices.

Shell Energy offers great internet connectivity for decent prices. The packages often come with gifts such as discounts on fuel and car washes if you’re a broadband customer. In general, their packages are competitively priced compared to other household broadband providers.

When you consider the pricing, one can say the speed of their packages is great. They offer numerous broadband speeds ranging from 11 Mbps for their standard ADSL packages and their next gen FTTP (Fibre-to-the-premises) to upwards of 900 Mbps for their ultra fast lightning fibre options.

In terms of customer service, many customers have praised their UK-based customers service team for being committed to customers satisfaction.

However, on the flip side, they are not flexible in terms of contract options as they offer only 18-months contract.

In all, using one of Shell Energy’s broadband packages is quite good for the money.

Shell broadband reviews: Ultrafast broadband

Shell Energy’s Ultrafast broadband packages are meant for homes and properties with multiple internet users. It supports online gaming, streaming and browsing at an average speed of about 290 Mbps. They have two major packages namely:

  • Ultrafast Fibre
  • Ultrafast Fibre Plus

The table below summarizes their details:

Ultrafast broadband packages Prices Average Download Speed Contract duration
Ultrafast Fibre £41.99/ month 290 Mbps 18 Months
Ultrafast Fibre Plus £46.99/ month 145 Mbps 18 Months

Both these plans guarantee supercharged broadband speeds, unlimited usage, and exclusive rewards. Also, Shell Energy’s friendly local call centre agents cut across all their packages.

Shell Energy delivers these broadband packages using G. Fast tech, and so, it is advisable to check if your property qualifies for it before subscribing. Past users have stated in their reviews that the speeds of these packages are very decent. Nonetheless, you’ll need to confirm its availability in your area before you can enjoy these fast network connectivity speeds.

Shell Energy broadband coverage reviews

Although Shell Energy has a wide broadband coverage, some regions in the UK still experience slower speeds than others. Likewise, their service are not accessible in other regions.

Therefore, it is advisable to use their postcode checker to know their coverage review.

Shell broadband review about their router

All Shell Energy broadband packages come with a free Technicolor router. This could either be an older generation DWA0120 router or next generation TG588 router depending on the broadband package you’re subscribed to.

User reviews have claimed that both router deliver the expected speeds according to the subscribed packages. The routers also deliver both the older and next generation Wi-Fi connectivity.

The technicolor DWA0120 guarantees users a smart channel selection functionality which connects your devices to the fastest Wi-Fi channel and frequency available. It also uses dual bands and two USB ports for use by two computers simultaneously.

If you’re subscribed to the 11 Mbps ADSL broadband package, you’ll get the technicolor TG5888 which features a single USB port, and four Ethernet ports alongside a single band Wi-Fi.

Nonetheless, irrespective of your package you’ll get a box containing your router, a two-part power supply unit, a microfilter, an Ethernet cable, and a RJ11/DSL cable. You’ll also get a user's manual containing all information about the router including how to set it up on your own.

Shell broadband reviews about their customer service

Shell Energy broadband services pride themselves as being trustworthy and reliable. As such, they make using any of their products and services very intuitive. Nonetheless, they also recognise the fact that they can get it wrong sometimes.

That’s why they have a friendly customer support team on the ground almost at all times.

They have a customer support line open between 8AM and 8PM on Monday to Saturday. On Sundays, the customer support line is always open between 9AM and 6PM on Sunday. You simply need to dial 0330 0945801 during these hours to reach them.

You can also send a mail to broadband.support@shellenergy.co.uk, or send a letter to Shell Energy Retail Limited at P.O. Box 6363, Coventry, CV3 9LR.

They’ll resolve your complaint while talking to you if you put a call through or inform you if they need to pass on the complaint to the complaints team for investigation and resolution. On the other hand, they’ll get to you within five working days if you send a mail or letter.

To ensure that you’re satisfied, they’ll only close the complaint if you say you’re satisfied or don’t reach out to them after 28 days, in which case they’ll refer you to the ombudsman who’ll provide an independent dispute resolution scheme.

Users have had only positive things to say about Shell Energy’s customer service.

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