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Last update: May 29, 2023
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KCOM Business is one of the major professional broadband providers in the UK. They provide different broadband packages for SMEs, the public sector and landlords. They also provide voice, data, and network services for different communication providers. In this article, you’ll discover different packages and what they contain.

KCOM business: broadband for SMEs, the public sector, and landlords

KCOM business provides different fibre broadband packages that are great for businesses of different sizes in the UK. They are based in Hull and create bespoke services and exclusive deals for businesses and residential customers.

Broadband packages from KCOM Business

KCOM have different broadband packages for different business sizes. They claim to be “big enough to deliver and small enough to care”. The broadband packages from the KCOM business are categorised into the following groups based on the business size.

Small and Medium Businesses.

The broadband packages from KCOM business for small and medium businesses are best for businesses like coffee shops, barbershops, bakers, etc. It provides the connectivity necessary to power the tools facilitating the growth of these businesses.

The packages include the following:

  • Business Full Fibre 150

The business full fibre 150 package promises great value for money in a 24-month unlimited data contract. You’ll be able to upload at speeds upwards of 75 Mbps. On top of that, you’ll get line rentals with PAYG calls.

It is a great deal for small businesses.

  • Business Full Fibre 500

This is a great start if you’re looking to take the next step for your business. It offers unlimited data for connectivity, however, at upload speeds of about 250 Mbps.

It gives your business all the stability it needs as you’re locked in a 24-month contract.

  • Business Full Fibre 900

You can supercharge your business with the high level of internet connectivity that the business full fibre 900 package. You’ll get unlimited data for 24 months at an upload speed of over 500 Mbps.

It’s exactly what you need to supercharge your business.


KCOM has customised Lightstream full fibre broadband packages for landlords with multiple tenants. Your property can support you and your tenants with the following ultrafast full-fibre broadband packages:

  • Landlord Lightstream Basic.

This package gives you and your tenants a monthly data allowance of about 800Gb with a 20 Mbps upload speed for just £38 every month. You can enjoy uninterrupted internet connectivity on a 12 or 24-month contract as you have a two-day fix guarantee to ensure performance.

  • Landlord Lightstream Super

With landlord Lightstream super, you’ll get unlimited data with an upload speed of 35 Mbps for just £42 a month. It also comes with a next working day fix throughout a 12 or 24-month contract.

  • Landlord Lightstream Ultra

This package gives you and your tenants an unlimited monthly data allowance with 35 Mbps upload speed. You’re also assured of a next working day fix throughout a 12 or 24-month contract for just £46 a month.

  • Landlord Lighstream Giga

The Landlord Lightstream Giga broadband package costs £75 monthly. You’re sure to get unlimited internet connectivity blazing at 42 Mbps upload speed for a 12 or 24-month period. You can also get a next working day fix if you encounter any issues.

Phone and voice services from KCOM Business

Phones and voice services from KCOM business include phone line and phone system packages that help to build your brand personality and keep you connected.

The phone and voice services from KCOM business can be categorised into the following groups:

Phone Lines

KCOM lets you choose from an array of high-performance integrated services digital network lines and the latest SIP trunking technology lines that let you make internet calls.

You can seamlessly transfer your existing lines to KCOM lines, upgrade your features, and add new lines as your business grows. Additional benefits of KCOM phone lines include the ability to record all business calls, route any business call to any number of choice, so you don’t miss any calls, and get business numbers that give your business a professional image and recognisable identity.

KCOM phone lines packages include the following:

Phone Line Packages Call Connection fee National Calls Mobile Calls Monthly subscription
Business Basic Tariff 26 pence. 26 Pence. 26 Pence. £20 a month
Business Essential Add-on Free Free Free. £25 a month

Phone Systems

KCOM has a range of hosted phone systems that they hold and maintain entirely off-site without leaving any equipment on your property. Examples of these systems include PBX and SmartComms UC, the most common.

SmartComms UC is very flexible and easy to manage.

Depending on your business needs, you can customise call diverts, add or remove employees, and even make and receive calls from mobile devices. Other benefits include routing calls to mobile devices, seeing caller IDs before picking up calls, and facilitating team collaborations via video conferencing and online meetings.

Other connectivity solutions on KCOM Business

KCOM business offers Lightstream full fibre broadband connectivity solutions to supercharge your business. The packages include the following:

Business Packages Average Download Speed Upload speed Price
Business Full Fibre 150 150 Mbps 75 Mbps £44.99 a month
Business Full Fibre 500 500 Mbps 250 Mbps £54.99 a montd
Business Full Fibre 900 900 Mbps 500 Mbps £84.99 a month

Contact KCOM Business: support number

You can reach KCOM business on their support number, 08009155777 if you need tech support.

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