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KCOM Lightstream checker: check your broadband availability

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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KCOM Lightstream checker helps you discover KCOM’s network availability in all regions of the UK. Although most of their services are predominant in Hull and East Yorkshire, you can enjoy their services in certain other locations of the UK. However, it is advisable to know such regions if you’re considering using their services on your property.

That is why we will talk about KCOM’s network availability, how to check where if it is available, the main cities where KCOM offers its services, future rollout plans and how to register your interest in this post.

KCOM LIGHTSTREAM CHECKER: how to check where Full Fibre is available

KCOM’s full-fibre Lightstream packages are more active in some areas than others.

You can check where these full fibre packages are available and how fast they are in different locations using the KCOM Lightstream full fibre availability map and their banner postcode checker.

Although, it almost appears that KCOM is a monopoly in Hull and East Yorkshire alone, you can also use their services in other regions of the UK. But KCOM’s reach doesn’t get to all regions of the UK. So, you can always check if their services are available in your region via their website.

For efficient results, you can input the postal code of your preferred region into the KCOM Lightstream checker. This will give you an overview of what Lightstream packages are available in your area depending on their existing infrastructures in the area. You can also discover the average speeds to expect in your preferred locations.

KCOM network map and availability

KCOM is currently expanding their full fibre network to different regions in the UK. Currently, they’re expanding to more places across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

If you would like to know their availability status in your environment, they have an interactive map that can let you check if you could get your full fibre connected, and how soon you could get it connected on their website.

All you need to do is to click on cluster regions on the broadband coverage checker map to see areas where their services are available. The broadband coverage checker map also shows regions where work is in progress to make the service available and local areas where KCOM is on its way to cover.

The map serves as an illustrative guide only. It is advisable to use the postcode search available on their page for more precise results.

What to do if KCOM is not available for you?

If KCOM is not available for you or present in your area, you can reach out to the team at KCOM to register your interest about enjoying their full fibre broadband services.

You can register your interest to bring KCOM to your area on their official website. It is advisable to get as much people as possible around to register their interests too because the more interest KCOM sees from your community, the sooner they may bring the service to you. You can drive this demand by being a community champion to help spread the word faster.

Once you’re able to hit the target of registered members who want to have KCOM in their local area, KCOM will contact you shortly after. Soon, you’ll be able to purchase KCOM Lightstream broadband in your local area.

You’ll need to fill in your personal details including your title, name, email, landline number, postcode and current provider on the registration form. By providing these details, you’re giving KCOM the permission to contact you about Lightstream full fibre broadband availability in your local area.

Rollout plans: where will KCOM network be available next?

KCOM network will soon be available in regions across Hull, East Yorkshire, and Lincolnshire.

In these regions, they’ll be targeting 50,000 new homes and businesses across 14 new towns and villages. This upgrade outreach will include upgrades to about 14,000 properties in East Yorkshire, specifically in communities like Cherry Burton. The expansion entails replacing the ageing copper phone lines, and an upgrade to existing full fibre connections to increase download speeds.

That’s not all.

The expansion will also reach the Flamborough community in East Yorkshire, as well as the Hunmanby, Stamford Bridge, and Cayton communities in North Yorkshire. In Lincolnshire, KCOM is targeting communities like Caistor and Mablethorpe. And they intend to still announce more towns and villages as they continue the expansion process.

This expansion project will cost KCOM £100M, and it intends to take KCOM’s overall reach to over 350,000 properties in the UK.

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