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Conecty: deals and opinions about its data international plans | April 2024

Conecty: deals and opinions about its data international plans | April 2024

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Last update: April 1, 2024
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Conecty offers

Conecty sells eSIM and SIM card data that will allow you to connect to the internet while you are traveling without resorting to expensive roaming. Their international data plans are the best option if you want to keep the connection abroad.

Currently, there is no special discount when buying a data card to travel with Conecty, but if you compare the prices of their travel fares against other options you will see that any of their products is, in itself, a good deal.

What Conecty does launch at times like Christmas are specific promotions that allow you to buy their SIM cards to travel at a lower price. These discounts, which only apply to certain products, are around 5%.

In any case, if you hire a SIM card or eSIM with Conecty instead of activating data roaming with your local operator, the savings will be significant, especially in some destinations.

Opinion about Conecty

Conecty rating by roams:

6.3 Average score
7 Coverage
6 Attention to the client
6 Quality of services
6 range of rates

You can find reviews about Conecty and its data plans for traveling on the Internet. Most of the comments are positive, in fact, there are people who rate the service offered by this company as excellent.

What Conecty users value most are:

  • Its prices
  • Its Customer Service
  • The quality of connection offered by their rates

There are also customers whose experience has not been good, but the truth is that negative reviews about Conecty are scarce. In any case, we recommend that you do not give too much importance to the opinions you will find online. In our opinion, it is better that you go to experts in this type of products to know if you are interested in hiring Conecty.

We, for example, compare hundreds of technology-related products and, after analyzing the price and other aspects of Conecty's international SIM and eSIM, we can tell you that this brand stands out from others for its variety.

Conecty is a legit company with experience in the market that offers good prices, but best of all is its Customer Service, something to take into account in this sector.

Finally, we highlight the fact that the brand is committed to prepaid eSIM at a time when this technology is still under development. If your smartphone is compatible, do not hesitate to hire this product, you will save on costs and you can activate your data plan quickly and easily wherever you are.

What is an eSim card?

Conecty deals

Conecty's portfolio is one of the broadest in the travel SIM and eSIM market. The company serves coverage in more than 190 destinations, giving it an edge over other brands in terms of variety. Its prices are also attractive.

Conecty's tariffs are divided into:

  • Local plans: for use in a single country.
  • Regional plans: for use in several countries in the same region.
  • Universal plan: for use in 119 countries worldwide.

Another feature that sets Conecty apart from other brands in the sector is that you can buy plans for travelling abroad that, in addition to mobile data, include local calls or local calls + calls to Colombia at a good price.

Depending on the destination you are travelling to and the days for which you need an international data plan, you will have to choose one Conecty tariff or another. However, here is a table with the prices of their top products for one of the most popular destinations among travellers: the USA.

Conecty: USA deals
Product Data Calls Validity Price
Conecty eSIM USA 1 25GB No 30 days £44
Conecty eSIM EEUU 2 Unlimited Local 30 days £48
Conecty eSIM EEUU 3 Unlimited Local + Colombia 30 days £53
Conecty SIM EEUU 1 25GB Local + Colombia 30 days £44
Conecty SIM EEUU 2 Unlimited Local 30 days £48

As you can see, we have prepared this table with Conecty's tariffs for the USA valid for 30 days, but with this company you can also contract plans of 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, and 15 days of duration. In addition, you can contract tariffs with or without local calls and calls to Colombia, and you can also customise the amount of data.

In summary, the features of the Conecty tariffs are listed below:

  • High-speed Internet
  • Possibility to share data with other devices
  • Activation and installation instructions and user support via Whatsapp

Conecty Customer Service

Do you want to know more about Conecty's overseas travel plans? Do you have a problem with one of their products? The company has several ways of contact. These are as follows:

  • Chat: Conecty's Whatsapp number is (+57) 3052555249
  • Telephone: if you find it more convenient, you can call the above telephone number.
  • Email: write to info@conect.com.
  • Web form: you will find it on the Conecty website.

What is Conecty?

Conecty sells prepaid SIM and eSIM cards that allow users to maintain an Internet connection while abroad. It is a Colombia-based company that offers affordable telephony services to countries and regions around the world.

Conecty is characterised by offering the following services:

  • Connection with your friends and family while you are travelling.
  • International mobile data to post your photos instantly, check maps or tourist sites and make reservations at hotels, museums or restaurants.
  • Internet to check your email or work from abroad.

Conecty additional services

In addition to selling international SIMs and eSIMs, Conecty offers user advice as an additional service. In this way, the company tries to provide the best service to its customers and potential customers.

The brand was born when Sebastián, current partner and manager of the company, realised the difficulties he had in finding a cheap alternative to roaming to communicate with other people when he arrived at his destination or to solve any kind of emergency.

The business continues to expand and is increasingly focused on eSIMs. According to the GSMA intelligence eSIM: State of the consumer market and the road ahead report by 2025, 2.4 billion smartphone connections will use eSIM globally (1) .

Conecty Frequently Asked Questions

Conecty tethering, is possible?

Yes, with Conecty deals you can share your data mobile with other devices

Are calls included in Conecty deals?

It depends on the deal you choose. Some SIMs and eSIMs don't include calls. Others allow you to make local calls and the most complete ones includes free minutes to Colombia.

Conecty SIM or eSIM, which is better?

If your device supports eSIM technology, we recommend that you choose this option. The virtual SIM card is more sustainable and can be purchased immediately. You won't have to wait and you can quickly activate your data plan wherever you are.

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