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Last update: May 29, 2023
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It is important that all O2 customers check the O2 coverage map so that O2 customers have a better understanding of which areas have better signal. O2 customers are now able to receive 5G connection however, 5G is a new technology and does not cover as much areas such as 4G and 3G.

Top mobile of O2
RateData Calls Coverage
Promoted pricePriceSubscribe by
O2 Unlimited Data 12 monthso2
Unlimited Unlimited O2 Without promotion £35/pm
The O2 Unlimited Data 18 monto2
Unlimited Unlimited O2 Without promotion £33/pm
O2 100GB 18 monthso2
100 GB Unlimited O2 £12.50 p/m
O2 100GB 5G 18 monthso2
100 GB Unlimited O2 Without promotion £25/pm
O2 50GB 30 dayso2
50 GB Unlimited O2 Without promotion £47/pm
O2 60GB 12 monthso2
60 GB Unlimited O2 Without promotion £25/pm
O2 40GB 30 dayso2
40 GB Unlimited O2 Without promotion £40/pm
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O2 Mobile Broadband

The O2 mobile broadband will allow O2 customers to have the flexibility of taking their WiFi connection with them.

There are two types of O2 Mobile broadband deals Monthly MO2 Mobile Broadband or Pay as you go O2 Mobile broadband.

Depending on what type of deal you want, O2 will cater to your need. For example, if a O2 customer wants a monthly Mobile Broadband they can build their own deal. By choosing a O2 Mobile broadband deal and then choosing the amount of data, months of contracts and upfront payment.

This will allow O2 households to have a chat about what type of deal they are looking want for the house and then make a purchase.

O2 Mobile broadband pay as you go is more straight forward as it will provide you with the price upfront with the amount of data you get. Therefore, O2 Mobile broadband can offer so much to O2 customers it just depends on what the O2 customers want.

O2 20GB Data
Minimun term: Without permanence
Data 20 GB

Calls Unlimited
Total £30p/m
taxes included

O2 Mobile Broadband Coverage checker

O2 offers all forms of network technology such as 2G, 3G, 4G and the latest and high quality 5G technology.

2G is a very slow network connection and is not very reliable but 3G is one of the most common used technologies. 4G covers a lot of areas in the United Kingdom and is much faster than 3G technology.

O2 Mobile Broadband will belong to the 4G family so O2 customers who do join the O2 Mobile broadband will receive decent quality WiFi service.

O2 5G is the best network technology and it is the future and hopefully will one day have O2 5G mobile broadband.

The O2 coverage map will show O2 customers all the areas that each network technology covers. So it is important for O2 customers to check the O2 coverage map.

The O2 Unlimited Data 18 mont
Minimun term: 18 months
Data Unlimited

Calls Unlimited
Total £33p/m
taxes included

O2 5G is only the beginning

The O2 5G is the best network connection so it is important to know about what qualities 5G has and what areas does O2 5G cover in the UK.

5G will give O2 customers the ability to use their data with no issues in busy places and there will be no videos buffering. The speed of 5G is like something you've never seen before.

O2 5G covers areas of Cardiff, Belfast, London and Leeds, but will also be expanding to other cities in the United Kingdom.

In the future, 5G will keep growing to cover more and more towns in the UK which will benefit all the O2 customers because they can get the best network connection.

However, O2 customers must have a device that is capable of getting 5G network connection. Lucky for O2 customers that there O2 mobile phone deals that are able to receive 5G connection.

O2 50GB 30 days
Minimun term: 1 month
Data 50 GB

Calls Unlimited
Total £47p/m
taxes included

O2 Network Problems

There will always be problems with carriers that are effected by issues that are out of O2's control such as a stormy day but O2 customers can stay updated through the O2 network status.


O2 is one of the biggest providers in the UK and it has its own network. Therefore, it shows just how incredible O2 is as a provider. However, even though O2 is one of the best carriers in the United Kingdom they still experience some technical difficulties.

O2 Network still experiences problems because of bad weather such as heavy rain or if O2 customers are in buildings with thick walls this will effect the quality of connection.

For issues such as these O2 customers can change the environment they are in for a better connection. Also, O2 customers can check their network status on the O2 coverage map and have a clear overview of the areas that have stronger service.

4G connection might be slower if O2 customers are in busy places but with O2 5G this will not be a problem.

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