Is EE a good network?

I believe EE is one of the best network providers in the United Kingdom because of its amazing services and great network coverages.

5G is the newest service that will put EE as one of the best providers there is. EE is such a good provider it uses its own network and even has other carriers that use EE as their network.

EE Coverage Map

The coverage map is created give EE customers an idea of what technology is covered in certain areas in the United Kingdom.

The EE network coverage map will show the areas of 2G, 3G, 4G and the latest and most efficient 5G technology.

However, EE customers must agree to a term of conditions for Google Maps as the EE network coverage map is linked with Google Maps.

It is important to understand the levels of technology so EE customers because it could be the deciding factor of what EE SIM only deal they decide to purchase.

2G is one of the oldest types of technology connections that is very slow and does not offer much to EE customers.

3G is a very average connection and is still very slow but it is better than 2G.

4G is the most common use of technology connection and covers large areas in the EE network coverage map. EE customers can use this technology to browse social media, stream music, stream movies and play games.

5G is the future and the new version of mobile network technology. If EE customers are in busy places they will not experience slow service and the speed of this mobile network technology is something that can’t be compared too.

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5G will give EE customers the best experience with super-fast internet and the most reliable connection and the best part is being in busy places EE customers will no experience slow connections.

However, the fact that 5G offers the most reliable mobile connection puts it above all other technologies.

EE started 5G network in capital cities such as London, Cardiff and Belfast but is now available in Newcastle, Liverpool and Bristol and other cities.

EE 5G network is not taking over 4G network because 4G still covers a much larger amount of the United Kingdom then 5G does.

5G is the new mobile connection to give EE customers a outlet to receive the best mobile network in busy places.

4G can cover the rural areas and still provide a very consistent mobile network service to EE customers.

Therefore, EE customers can benefit from the 5G mobile network service and all its advantages but still have the option of 4G as it covers more areas in the UK then 5G does.

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What Network does EE use?

EE uses their own coverage which pays tribute to how great EE is as a provider.

Not only does EE provide amazing deals for EE customers they combine their reliable network to contribute to the work of satisfying their customers.

Compare to other providers for example Sky Mobile who uses O2 as their network or BT Mobile who uses EE network coverage.

It is important for EE customers to understand this because it gives them an idea of how good of a provider EE is.

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Problems with EE network

However, although being able to have your own network it does not mean that EE customers will not have issues with EE mobile network.

EE customers must sometimes understand that there are issues that is out of EE’s reach and must be dealt by the customer themselves.

For example, a 4G network can be really weak in a busy place or with bad weather and EE customers can just simply change the location they are in to find better signal.

IF EE customers are experiencing more difficulties they can go online where there is more information on Network & Services page on the EE website that can help EE customers solve the issue.

EE and may other services experience the same problems but there are methods that EE customers can take to prevent problems by researching the EE website.

Post updated by: Roams on Friday, January 10, 2020