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Is Glide's internet down? How to check it and report a fault

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Last update: October 9, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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During a Glide internet downtime, it is difficult to stream your favourite internet website. This article will help you understand what you must do if you think your Glide internet service is down: report and fix the issues.

Is Glide's internet down?

The Service Status feature on your account is the easiest method to stay informed of widespread disruptions. You can find details about the outage's nature, and the anticipated time it will take to resolve here.

You can contact Glide for information, but please be aware that there may be a longer wait time during busy times. Glide's representatives might take longer than usual to reply to emails and messages left on their Live Chat service.

Glide internet down: report an issue

If you encounter any issues, it's crucial that you notify Glide as soon as you can so that they can get to work fixing them right immediately. You can report a problem by phoning them at 0333 666 5555, emailing, or opening a support ticket using your online account. When you call, please be close to your router since they may need to run through some tests with you.

What to do if your Glide internet is not working

Please do the following if your Glide internet is not working.

  1. Use the service status checker to know if there is a known problem with Glide's internet service in your area.
  2. Reach out to Glide's customer care
  3. Follow the instructions they give you.

Faults policy on Glide

This policy outlines how Glide addresses issues with its broadband and phone services. The Support Team uses the same material to identify and correct problems.

For the sake of brevity, we shall look at some key aspects of the faults policy on Glide.

My broadband isn't working!

When you call Glide to report this problem, they will ask you one of the following questions.

What is the nature of your problem? The support team may inquire about the cabling setup at your residence and request that you do a broadband service speed test via various connections to your router, so please have a PC or laptop turned on and ensure that you are at home in front of the router.

  1. Is this something Glide can handle remotely?

Yes, in most circumstances! Glide's support team will strive to remedy the issue immediately, but if they cannot do so over the phone, they will send you updates via emails, texts, and phone calls, depending on the issue.

Glide tries hard to do everything possible to get you back online as soon as possible, so if you have been promised a callback, please be patient, as it may take some time to fix your problem once they know it.

  1. Do you require a new router or the services of an engineer?

Let Glide make a decision. They will discuss the best solution for your situation. In most circumstances, an engineer visit to your property is not required, although it may be charged if it is. To avoid unnecessary expenditures, Glide must ensure that the problem is not related to something they can fix remotely.

The support team will request that you remove the cover from your phone socket and test your service with a landline phone. You will need a screwdriver and a landline phone to achieve this, which Glide cannot provide as part of our service or support.

  1. Are you not the account holder?

Not a problem! Glide works with various consumers and understands that someone else may be paying the bill even if you use their service. In such circumstances, they will ask you a series of additional security questions to ensure that you are who you say you are before they begin assisting you.

They ensure you can answer these questions without being the account holder. Glide strives to resolve all issues within five business days, and most problems are resolved considerably sooner.

Router Replacements

If Glide's Support Team believes you may have a defective router, they will replace it. They will do this for free if your old router is not damaged. If the router is damaged, they will charge you £79.99, including VAT, for a replacement.

Please return your defective router to us within 14 days. They will charge you £79.99 plus VAT if they do not receive this. Please return your router to Glide via recorded delivery so that they can track its location. Return faulty routers to the following address :

1 First Avenue, Maybrook Business Park, Birmingham, B76 1BA.

If you have Virgin Broadband via Glide, you must contact Virgin directly at 0345 454 1111, who will send you a pre-paid bag or arrange a collection. Please be aware that these can take up to two weeks to arrive, so if you are leaving the house, please take the router with you and have the bag brought or collected to your desired address.

Please visit the Glide fault policy page to find out more about Glide’s fault policy.

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