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Last update: February 17, 2022
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Its important to acknowledge your 5G coverage checker because if you do not check if you are in an area that offers 5G then you won't be able to have 5G, so make sure that whatever mobile network provider you join that offers 5G you check the coverage checker for 5G coverage in the UK.

5G Coverage UK
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What is 5G?

5G is the future and in the end of 2020, I believe there will be more mobile network providers with 5G technology. So, what is 5G? 5G is the fifth generation of data technology, it is important to understand the different types of network.

1G is the very first generation of data network and is really slow and it has no place in the modern world. 2G is also slow however there is still some carriers that offer 2G technology but it is not a reliable network.

3G is still used a lot today in the UK and most areas that don't have 4G coverage they will end up using a 3G network in order for them to have data, 3G is very unreliable and will struggle to upload videos and even browsing on social media it will be slow.

4G is one of the most used network types in the UK as majority of the main mobile network operators offers coverage up to 99% of the UK population. 4G is reliable and it does have really fast download/upload speed and browsing on social media is super easy.

However, 4G does have problems in regards to what weak signal when you are in a busy place and it is not as fast as 5G so it may affect online gamers or it could take little longer to download a movie.

5G is the next level compared to the other generations, 5G speed is superfast and people will be surprise of how fast 5G technology is. If you are in a public place it won't effect the type of signal you'll get, 5G will also make sure you don't ever experience video buffering.

5G is perfect for online gamers as they can profit from having super fast internet speed and also workers who use their phone for skype meetings 5G will make sure you have good video technology and no video buffering.

What providers offer 5G

5G is new in the UK but there are already a few providers that offer 5G technology such as EE, Vodafone, O2 and Three.

These are the big four mobile network providers in the UK and although they don't offer 5G all over the UK in the future I believe they will cover most of UK population.

For example, EE offers 5G to 47 cities and towns including London, Manchester and Liverpool so these are some major cities in the UK.

O2 offers 5G to 21 cities and towns including Birmingham, Cardiff and Leeds so the O2 customers that live in these cities will have access to 5G network.

Three offers 5G and has planned to have 5G in 65 towns and cities such as Blackpool, Bristol and Wigan which is good news for the people that live in the 65 cities that are O2 customers.

Vodafone offers 38 towns and cities 5G technology such as Belfast and London but has also have plans to expand to six more towns and cities such as Guilford and Blackpool.

These are the main mobile network providers that have 5G in the UK but not only does the major networks offer 5G there are also MVNO's (mobile virtual network operator that offers 5G technology such as VOXI, BT Mobile and Sky Mobile.

That's right! VOXI, BT Mobile and Sky Mobile offer 5G so they are a MVNO companies that has taken advantage of their mobile network operators (EE, Vodafone, O2 and Three) by allowing them to acquire 5G.

Hopefully in the future more MVNO's start to make plans on getting 5G technology so their customers can have the best technology in the UK.

How to enable 5G

There are two things you need to make sure you can have 5G network, the first is you must have a mobile phone that is able to have 5G technology and also you must be in the right area of 5G coverage.

The best phones to get that offers 5G technology Huawei Mate X, Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, LG V50 THINQ and many more, unfortunately iPhone does not yet have 5G but in 2020 there will be plans for a iPhone of 5G capabilities so until then choose a mobile phone that allows you to access 5G.

If you choose a carrier that offers 5G technology for example, Vodafone is a carrier that offers 5G and if I were a customer who had a mobile phone with 5G I would check the Vodafone 5G coverage checker to make sure you are in a area that offers 5G coverage.

It doesn't matter what carrier you choose to join that has 5G, if you do not have a phone that is able to have 5G technology and you are not in a area that offers 5G coverage you will not be able to access the 5G network.

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