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Why should you choose a Lebara Deal

Why should you choose a Lebara Deal

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Roams UK Entry updated on Thursday, February 17, 2022

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The best part about Lebara deals is that customers don't have to spend too much when choosing a SIM only deal with enough data, minutes and texts to keep them online throughout the month.

The benefits of a Lebara SIM only Deal

Lebara is not a major network in the UK but it still holds its own compared to other providers by offering customers great deals. The fact that Lebara deals are cheap will benefit customers such as University students.

There are other advantages of joining a Lebara SIM deal, such as being able to adjust their monthly bundles with no extra charges.

Lebara is a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator), which means that it uses another network to help carry out it's service and is the main reason why deals are so cheap. Clients will receive quality 4G coverage as they will be using Vodafone's network.

Vodafone is one of the major mobile network providers in the UK, so using their coverage is a good thing.

Lebara Pre-paid plans

A pre-paid deal only lets you use the data, minutes and text that you've purchased. For example, when you buy credit that is called a fixed rate, meaning once your allowance is finished so is your plan.

This is great for customers who want to keep tabs on their data usage, minutes and texts. It is still more expensive compared to SIM only deals, but customers can save money by free calling from one Lebara number to another.

Pre-paid deals allow you to top up a lot faster, as you buy your own credit for data, minutes and texts. Topping up can be done through the Lebara website, My Lebara App or in a store near you.

SIM only Vs Pre-paid

A SIM only plan is on a monthly cost, which customers can adjust without any charges and is targeted for heavy data users and offers low rates.

Pre-paid plans give you full control by purchasing your own credit on a one-time buy and as soon as your data, minutes and texts credit is finished, then so is your plan.

Therefore, clients who use a lot of data to browse on the Internet should join a SIM plan and members that only need enough minutes, data and text for a specific period should get a pre-paid deal.

Lebara Customer service

The Lebara customer service team is known for their high standards, as Trustpilot review has given Lebara a 4.5/5 star rating. This is a positive review that will reflect on the customer's experiences.

Some of the feedback customers have stated are 'Best services, Helpful and nice support, I am a satisfied customer for more than 5 years' these comments will allow future clients to trust Lebara.

To contact the Lebara customer service team, clients can go online to use the Lebara 'Live Chat' option which they can chat to their friendly advisors during the operating hours, which are 09:00am to 05:530pm Monday to Sunday.

People can also contact the team via email on or write to the team at 7th Floor, Import Building, 2 Clove Crescent, East India Dock, London, E14 2BE, UK.

To call the customer service team, for Lebara SIMs dial 5588 and if you are calling from another network or outside the UK dial +44 207 0310791 (costs may depend on your operator).

However, if you want to solve any issues on your own, then head to the official Lebara website on 'Frequently asked questions' to compare your problems and solutions with other customers.

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