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Last update: May 29, 2023
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Customers can check their Lebara SIM only and Pre-paid balances through, text, SSD code, calling, the Lebara Mobile UK official site and the Lebara mobile App.

How to check Lebara Balance UK

One of the traditional ways to check your balance is to text 'Bal', 'Balance' or 'Credit' to 126172. Customers will receive a message instantly with their remaining balance.

To check your balance using a SSD code – press *12345#, then select “Send” and within in a matter of seconds you'll receive your balance.

One of the problems about checking your balance through Text or SSD code is that some people might forget the SMS code, so it may be annoying at times. However, customers can avoid this by viewing their balance via telephone call.

Using their Lebara number, customers can dial 5588 and follow instructions from the automated voice to check their balance.

Its 2020, so being able to check your balance online or through an app is one of the most common and normal ways to view your credit. Therefore, clients can head to the Lebara Mobile UK official website, log into their account and follow the instructions to see the balance.

The Lebara App is the easiest way to check a balance, as soon as you download the app head into “Check Balance” and view your remaining allowance. Also, clients can top up their account from the app.

The importance of checking your UK Lebara balance

For customers who are new to Lebara and don't know the history of the company, there are multiple countries that have Lebara as a mobile network provider.

Therefore, each country has their own way of topping up their account, so it is significant to learn the UK version of checking your balance.

Checking your balance allows you to be in control of how much data, minutes and texts is being consumed so that you can top up when necessary.

It is important for heavy data users to manage their balance so they have enough data throughout the month and, with Lebara deals, customers can adjust their plans to fit their situation without paying extra costs.

Pre-paid vs SIM only balance

Pre-paid customers will find it more useful to check their allowance regularly as they do not operate on a monthly plan but pay for the credit they use.

For example, Pre-paid customers will make a one-time payment and, as soon as their credit runs out, they must top up again to use their mobile plan. SIM only clients that live on a monthly bill won't have to check their credit often, as they operate on a month-to-month basis.

However, it's still a good idea to check your balance to see how much data, minutes and texts you've consumed throughout the month.

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