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Lycamobile deals for existing customers

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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Lycamobile launches new and attractive discounts on mobile plans, which are based on unlimited benefits. We can find different kinds of services through the official website, i.e. monthly plan services.

Top mobile of Lycamobile
RateData Calls Coverage
Promoted pricePriceSubscribe by
UK Plan Teralycamobile
50 GB Unlimited O2 Without promotion £50/pm
UK Plan Megalycamobile
40 GB Unlimited O2 Without promotion £20/pm
UK Plan Gigalycamobile
25 GB Unlimited O2 £17.50 p/m
UK Plan Ultralycamobile
20 GB Unlimited O2 £12 p/m
UK Plan Superlycamobile
16 GB Unlimited O2 Without promotion £50/pm
Forever Datalycamobile
9 GB Unlimited O2 Without promotion £20/pm
National Pluslycamobile
4 GB Unlimited O2 Without promotion £10/pm
Source: Roams, price comparison from the official information provided and/or advertised by the telco companies. Deals are shown for individuals de mobile deLycamobile.Ordered by best deal. Final prices with VAT. Updated at May 29, 2023.

Lycamobile deals for existing customers

Existing customers will be able to enjoy the discount benefits automatically. In turn, the new unlimited plans Lycamobile customers will include no boundary texts and calls, whether calling in or abroad from the UK.

Regarding data benefits, Lycamobile existing customers will also receive International minutes and other benefits such as data roaming. Check it below!

Deals and bundles for existing customers Lycamobile

First of all, it should be noted Lycamobile has variable bundles for existing customers, including available plans that you can find through a monthly subscription.

Monthly Plans

Monthly Plan S

The monthly plan S service is a Lycamobile combined solution, which offers 44% off the first 3 months. It integrates 1GB of data on its services at a price of £5, bringing EU roaming as well.

Monthly Plan M

This plan M offers 38%off. We can find 4GB of data on this plan, unlimited minutes and unlimited calls all this at a price of £8 really affordable for the UK community.

Monthly Plan L

It is the service that guarantees the longest browsing with 10GB of data, incorporating the combination of unlimited minutes and greatly enhances the experience of calling in and out of the country. It also comes with a 16% off for £15.

Three Monthly Plans

Plan mensual S

The Lycamobile service offers you a combined Three Monthly Plan S of 18GB of mobile data, unlimited minutes whether texting or calling, at a price of £15 for 3 months, as previously you paid £10 for a month.

Plan mensual M

Three Monthly Plan M brings us 48GB of data for those who are on the daily browsing. You will get it for a price of £22.50 for 3 months. The plan allows you unlimited calls and texts to the UK, EU roaming is included.

Plan mensual L

Three monthly plan L brings to you the mega bundle of 120 GB of data at a bomb price of £30 and unlimited other features.

UK Plan Unlimited Uni

UK Plan Unlimited Uni is the solution offered by the telephone provider, since this plan integrates a 24% off, previously priced at £25.00 and now at £19.00, bringing 4G data, EU Roaming Cap of 20GB.

SIM only mobile plans

National Plus

It has unlimited phone and texts packages. All recharges will last 30 days, and the minimum amount will be £5, with 10GB of data.

UK Plan Super

It has unlimited phone and texts packages. All recharges will last 30 days, and the price will be £7.5, including 16GB of data.

UK Plan Mega

The suitable plan for people who need international calls, it is available from £10 now, £20 before. UK Plan Mega includes 40GB data.

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