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Why you should check your Lycamobile balance

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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Nobody wants a mobile plan that can't call, text or have no data so it is important for customers to check their balance. Another option is to join Lycamobile's great bundle deals, which offer a lot of benefit for clients.

Learn how to check your Lycamobile Balance

Customers should always know how much money they have on their SIM plan because, if they are running low on data, minutes and texts, they can top up and avoid having zero balance.

Therefore, the easiest way for members to do this is by calling *131# from your handset or using the Automated Voice Response from your Lycamobile by dialling 321.

Check your balance before travelling around the EU because with Lycamobile roaming customers will use the credit in their SIM only plans.

If you've got plans to go outside the EU, you will have to pay extra for roaming rates so this is another reason to check your balance before leaving the UK.

Best way to top up with Lycamobile

Topping up is really easy, clients can do it over the phone or online, it just depends on which process is more suitable for the customer.

To top up online, clients must enter the Lycamobile website into the Top Up webpage, choose the amount of how much you want to top up and proceed to payment. Topping up online allows you to add £5 to £100 to your plan.

For people wanting to call and make a top up, simply dial 373 or 322 from your Lycamobile and follow the instructions. As soon as you register your credit card, then use the Lycamobile Interactive Voice Response to top up.

Don't worry too much about which method you use to top up, just make sure you top up so that you don't run out of credit.

Make sure you activate your Lycamobile Bundle

The hardest part about getting a Lycamobile plan is having to choose from their so many different bundles. For example, a Student Pass, Data lovers, Data Saver, Value Saver, Global 10, Chatterbox, Asia Saver and Global Saver.

All these amazing deals will provide customers with enough data, minutes and texts to fulfil their mobile needs.

Depending on which bundle you select there will be a different activation code, below are the lists of activation codes to the bundle you are interested in:

  • Student Pass – Dial *139 80044# then follow the instructions or Text STUDENT to 3535
  • Data Lovers – Dial *139 70044# then follow the instructions or Text LOVERS to 3535
  • Data Saver – Dial *139 78812# then follow the instructions or Text STUPLAN to 3535
  • Value Saver – Dial *139 20044# then follow the instructions or Text VALUE to 3535
  • Global 10 – Dial *139 44541# then follow the instructions or Text GLOBAL10 to 3535
  • Chatterbox – Dial *139 60044# then follow the instructions or Text CHAT to 3535
  • Asia Saver – Dial *139 321044# then follow the instructions or Text ASIA to 3535
  • Global Saver – Dial *139 44515# then follow the instructions or Text Global to 3535

Follow these steps to activate whichever bundle is best suited for you. However, to get more information customers can contact the Lycamobile customer service team for help by dialling 322, for other network providers dial 0207 132 0322.

How to cancel my Lycamobile bundle?

As good as the bundles can be, sometimes you might not be interested anymore in them, which is perfectly fine so you must learn to cancel it. This process is really easy and similar to topping up so customers can do this over the phone or online.

To cancel an auto-renewal bundle, clients must dial *190# and entering 1, this will confirm your cancellation. To cancel online, clients must log into their Lycamobile account select Overview, choose View Bundle Deals, View Details and then select Cancel Renewal.

PAC Code Lycamobile

If you are currently using another network but want to join Lycamobile, customers will need to get a PAC code which is a Port-in Authorisation Code that a new provider needs to transfer your current mobile number.

Text PAC to 65075 from your current number, once you get your Lycamobile SIM just fill out the Online Porting Form on the website and the process will be completed within two working days.

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