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Smarty Unlimited Data: is it worth it?

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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Smarty are a relatively new budget provider offering unlimited data- this isn't unusual in today's climate, but are their deals worth it?

What deals do Smarty offer?

SMARTY backs up its claims that it is simple and hassle-free. They offer just three plans: 30GB, 50GB, and unlimited data. All three plans offer unlimited calls and texts under the usual conditions attached.

They only offer rolling monthly contracts. You can use your entire data allowance for tethering if you want. This means you can connect a tablet or PC to your mobile data connection by creating a personal wi-fi hotspot on your smartphone. And because you pay in advance, SMARTY doesn't require a credit check.

If you're looking for a pay-as-you-go plan, SMARTY will charge you a small up-front amount for the SIM, then you'll pay £1 per gigabyte you use.

What speeds are available on the network?

Smarty provide a handy table to show what speeds are available and how they perform on their network:

Spectrum Frequency Benefit
3G High Band: 2100MHz OK speeds within the 3G bandwidth
4G High Band: 1800MHz & 2100MHz Standard good speeds within the 4G bandwidth (faster than 3G)
  • Low Band: 800MHz
  • High Band: 1800MHz & 2100MHz
Combines multiple bands of 4G frequency to improve speeds(supported on most 4G enabled devices)
  • Low Band: 800MHz
  • High Band: 1800MHz & 2100MHz
Similar to 4G+ but customers can only use VoLTE if they have a compatible device (customer must have a VoLTE compatible device)
L-Band (Previously called Super 4G+ or 4G++). Currently being rolled out
  • Low Band: 800MHz
  • Mid Band: 1400MHz
  • High Bands: 1800MHz & 2100MHz
Extra improved speeds up to 130% in congested areas(customers must have an L-Band compatible 4G device)

How does their deals compare?

Smarty offers the cheapest unlimited data plan in the UK. At £20 a month, you can unlimited calls, texts and data. Uniquely, Smarty offers money back in the form of data discount plans, where you can exchange your unused data at the end of the month for cash.

Smarty Customer service

Smarty have a pretty good online review rating, receiving a 4.1 from customers on Trustpilot. Customers comment on the excellent service which offers smooth speeds and unbeatable prices.

How to contact Smarty

Smarty offer webchat and email customer service as their main point of contact. Go to their website to start a live chat or email them at h9a446hk@smarty.intercom-mail.com. You can also call them on 01628 765333 from 9am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday.

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