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5G on Three: Coverage, rollout, and compatible SIM plans

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo

Three 5G network is finally live! If you have a compatible phone and are in one of the areas where Three 5G has gone live. This article will highlight everything you need to know about the rollout, coverage, and compatible SIMs.

Does Three have 5G?

In August 2019, Three UK introduced its Three 5G network as residential broadband service. The company then began to roll out the network for mobile devices, and the country is currently covered by it. Customers can get 5G services in 193 places throughout the UK if they have a 5G-capable phone, such as the iPhone 14 or Samsung Galaxy S22.

Aberdeen, Bath, Bedford, Birmingham, Blackpool, Bradford, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Coventry, Derby, Dundee, Glasgow, Ipswich, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Luton, Manchester, Nottingham, Plymouth, Reading, Swansea, York, and Wigan are a few of the cities presently serviced by Three 5G network. The Three 5G network is also available in popular tourist destinations like Dartmouth, Milford on Sea, Aberystwyth, Hollywood, and Irvine.

Three 5G Mobile

Three 5G mobile network is available and ready to accompany people wherever they go. So now is the time to purchase a 5G phone. All Three SIMs have free access to our 5G network. Three 5G are available on Pay Monthly, SIM Only, and Pay As You Go Plans. All you have to do is verify your coverage and prepare for quick, seamless 5G on the go.

Three 5G Home Broadband

For extreme screen addicts, there is a Three 5G Home Broadband with Unlimited Data. Verify the 5G coverage in your area and benefit from faster speeds for more intensive streaming and less downtime for close-to-professional gaming. No engineer, no landline, and no waiting are present. Fixed wireless access technology is used by Three 5G Home Broadband. This is plug-and-play.

Three 5G for Business

Users can maintain connectivity even during the busiest times, whether streaming, video calling, or downloading large files on the move. The Three 5G business SIMs are all 5G-enabled and cost nothing extra.

Three 5G Coverage: Check its availability

In the UK, Three claims to have the fastest 5G network and to offer 3G and 4G to 99.8% of those who live outside.

On their website, Three provides a Three 5G coverage map that highlights areas having indoor and outdoor Three 5G network coverage as well as those with no connectivity at all.

You can provide your location and the name of the device it would be used on for greater accuracy.

5G Network on Three: What speed does it offer?

Although the Three network has not yet reached its full capacity, the operator believes that eventually, it will be the quickest of all the major brands, including EE, Vodafone, and O2. It lists average speeds of 232 Mbps and the possibility of exceeding 1Gbps at peak times.

This is because it has access to a 100MHz contiguous block that may be able to provide better Three 5G speeds and holds spectrum in the 140MHz block. Other operators hold blocks of 40MHz and 50MHz. When Ofcom conducted another spectrum auction in March 2021, a small bit of that situation is expected to alter. We are waiting to see if that will further help Three or its rivals.

5G on Three: Rollout Plans

At present and in prospective areas, Three UK wants to increase the capability of its fibre optic backhaul. The main goal is to support Three's gigabit-capable 5G mobile deployment.

When all mobile service providers and MNOs are embroiled in a competition for 5G supremacy, Three intends to speed up the Three 5G rollout by purchasing new fibre optic cables to power its ultrafast sites. Three also intends to clear clogged rural and densely populated urban areas.

Best SIM plans to enjoy the 5G network on Three.

The fact that customers are not charged an additional fee for the Three 5G mobile service is its strongest feature. All Three users on contract, SIM-only, or PAYG plans are eligible for this free upgrade.

To use the ultrafast network, you must update a 5G smartphone; you don't need to increase your current rate. Most likely, you won&'t even need to change your SIM card. If it's relatively new, inserting it into a suitable smartphone should make it immediately compatible with 5G.

The tables below show information on Three 5G SIM Only 12 and 24 months plans:

12 Months

Package Duration Monthly Payment
1GB 12 months £6.00
3GB 12 months £7.00
4GB 12 months £7.00
8GB 12 months £8.00
12GB 12 months £10.00
30GB 12 months £12.00
100GB 12 months £13.00
250GB 12 months £15.00
Unlimited 12 months £17.00

24 Months

Package Duration Monthly Payment
1GB 24 months £5.00
4GB 24 months £6.00
8GB 24 months £7.00
12GB 24 months £9.00
30GB 24 months £10.00
100GB 24 months £12.00
250GB 24 months £14.00
Unlimited 24 months £16.00

Do I need a new SIM for 5G on Three?

All Three SIMs are 5G compatible. Users are, however, required to upgrade their SIMs to access the Three 5G services available.

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