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Virgin media broadband coverage: how to check its availability

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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What is Virgin Media broadband coverage? is a question many people need a response to. Not to worry, this article provides answers to some frequently asked questions about virgin Media coverage and availability.

Virgin media coverage: is it any good?

Virgin Media, of course, has excellent coverage in the United Kingdom. It is widely available in both large and small cities. In large cities like Enfield, Town, Basildon, Solihull, Portsmouth, and Camden, Virgin media recorded a range of 89 Mbps to 333 Mbps.

In smaller towns such as Hexton, Birkin, Hasfield, Frankley, and Ringway, Virgin Media recorded a peak speed of 289 Mbps and a lowest of 2.93 Mbps. However, mostcustomers confirmed getting a constant speed between 198Mbps and 289Mbps.

Where is Virgin Media broadband available?

At the moment, the Virgin Media broadband coverage map is not straightforward. That is, there's no specific map of where it covers yet. However, the postcode checker on their website can help you check if it's available in your region.

What is the Virgin Media broadband coverage checker?

The Virgin Media broadband coverage checker helps check the availability of Virgin media services in your area. The postcode checker has two spaces where you will input your Postcode and your house number or Name. Once this checker validates this address, it will check if virgin media services are accessible in that region.

The broadband coverage checker will all give results on the types of broadband available, the strength of the signal and the speed of the broadband available to you. This result can enable you to decide which service you desire and how much it will cost you.

How to find the best broadband in your region

Before finding the best broadband in your area, you need to :

  • Check the availability of the network in your area.
  • After running your address through the Virgin Media postcode checker, you will get results on the types of broadband available.
  • Before considering the best broadband type, you might want to consider your budget and your day-to-day internet usage.

What are the types of Broadband types available?

There are four broadband types:

  • Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line(ADSL): ADSL broadband distributes broadband using copper phone wires. It is often readily available but significantly slower than average fibre speeds.
  • Cable: the cable broadband connects your phone to the fibre cabinet using the Coaxial cables, an enhancement to the regular copper wires. Cable broadband is also readily available but faster and more reliable than ADSL.
  • Fibre Broadband: the Fibre broad are of two types, the FTTC and the FTTC

FTTC: the Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) connects to the local cabinet using the fibre optic cable from the broadband exchange. It further connects your local cabinet to your home using copper wire.

FTTP: The Fibre To The Premises (FTTC) broadband directly connects your home to the broadband network via the optic cable. The FTTP broadband Provides one of the fastest internet speeds available around.

By 2028, Virgin Media aims to upgrade all its networks to FTTP broadband, employing the latest technology.

What is the quality of the Virgin media broadband coverage?

Virgin is one of the largest internet service providers in the UK. The Virgin Media broadband coverage has recorded a network speed of up to 6,329 Mbps. According to user feedback, its real-world broadband speed sits between 92-240 Mbps.

Virgin Media is currently at the 16th position of the 96 internet service providers in the UK, having over 50% of its speed test result above 50 Mbps. In 2021, Their broadband ranked best in fastest speed, best in most tested, and 2nd in best speed range.

Virgin media VS some top internet services providers in the UK

The table below compares the performance score, average download and upload speed, and average latency of Virgin's broadband and some large broadband companies.

The table below compares the performance score, average download and upload speed, and average latency of Virgin's broadband and some large broadband companies.

Provider Virgin Media EE BT TalkTalk Plusnet Sky
Performance score 65% 44% 51% 39% 38% 43%
Average download 108.42 Mbps 34.84 Mbps 45.55 Mbps 36.43 Mbps 31.01 Mbps 35.36 Mbps
Average upload 108.1 Mbps 34.58 Mbps 45.16 Mbps 36.34 Mbps 30.59 Mbps 35.2 Mbps
Average latency (better when smaller) 14 ms 12 ms 10ms 14 ms 13 ms 13 ms
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