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VoIP on bOnline: Handsets and Phone Solutions for Businesses

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo

bOnline VoIP handsets are the second generations of inbound VoIP phones, and you can connect them to your computer, tablet or smartphone through a free application. You will have a clearer understanding of what VoIP is, what it includes, and what the VoIP handsets are that you can purchase on bOnline.

What is bOnline’s VoIP?

In contrast to classic analogue, copper-based technology, a bOnline VoIP phone system operates differently. It makes and receives calls using internet access, as the name would imply. The system transforms analogue audio into digital data packets sent via the shortest path to the opposite end of the connection before being converted back to audio.

One of the main advantages of this approach is that you are no longer physically bound to a desk or a conventional handset, as you would be with a landline phone. While you can still use this equipment onsite or in the office, as many phones have long had bOnline VoIP phone capabilities, you may not even need to replace your equipment.

This implies that you can be reached on the same number wherever you are without setting up pricey call forwarding or complex rerouting solutions. This allows you to remain reachable without relying on your mobile number, which may be very handy for freelancers, contractors, and business owners who spend a lot of time away from the office or onsite.

Additionally, it makes working remotely or from home easier, which not only keeps current employees satisfied but can also help you recruit new employees as your firm expands by allowing them to be more flexible and streamlining the process of hiring new personnel.

bOnline VoIP Solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises

For small organisations, VoIP systems offer several benefits. For instance, they allow you to pick your phone number, choose a local number to emphasise your ties to the area or choose another option, like a London-based number, to appear more national or international.

Numerous cutting-edge features, like call forwarding, call menus and queuing, personalised greetings, and reporting tools, also give callers a more professional picture of your company and provide you with more information about the success of your organisation.

How to set up your bOnline VoIP

You can make free calls over the internet using one of the many free VoIP services available. These services are primarily intended for casual and private use through programs like Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, etc. These enable basic video and offer instant messaging options. Staying in touch with family and friends may not give you the quality and dependability required for work-related needs.

With dependable connectivity and affordable monthly fees, cloud phones have recently elevated small business communications to enterprise communications. Numerous providers of commercial VoIP services provide a "Hosted System", which eliminates the need for you to purchase or install any office-related device (s). It's crucial to begin configuring your new cloud phone system as soon as possible. Installing and configuring software phones using the computers in your office are the next steps.

Before contacting customers, you should test your cloud phones to identify any teething problems before using the system. One method to achieve this is by testing numbers to your SIP line and putting a recovery strategy in place.

To always ensure the functionality of your bOnline VoIP handset on your smartphone, follow these steps:

  1. Verify that the "softphone" setting is ON. (Android and iOS). You can make calls over the internet when the softphone setting is enabled.
  2. Check that the power-saving mode is not activated (for Android devices). You can experience functional problems if the battery conservation mode is activated. Please make careful to turn off power saving for the bOnline phone if you notice any power-saving messaging. The app will resume operating normally once you turn off power-saving mode.
  3. Set up face or fingerprint identification for quick login. Your smartphones are now ready for use with the bOnline VoIP app.

bOnline VoIP handsets available

Give your bOnline VoIP phone system a finishing touch with adaptable, affordable, and user-friendly phones and headsets.

You can plug it in with specialised gear, start using HD speech immediately, and easily answer calls.

The table below shows the information on the bOnline VoIP handset available:

VoIP Phone Specification Price
Yealink W56H Additional Handset For W60P User-friendly, premium cordless phone handset. £65 + VAT
Yealink W53H Additional Handset For W53P User-friendly, premium cordless phone handset. £49 + VAT
Yealink W73H Additional Handset For W60, W70, W80, W90B User-friendly, premium cordless phone handset. £65 + VAT
Yealink W60 Base station with W56H Handset User-friendly, premium cordless phone handset + Base station. £86 + VAT
Yealink W73P Bundle (W70B Base station with W73H Handset) User-friendly, high-performance cordless phone handset+base station. £82 + VAT
Yealink Bundle W53P Bundle (W60B Base station with W53H Handset) User-friendly, cordless phone handset + Base station £79 + VAT
Yealink T31P SIP Desk Phone User-friendly, Entry-level IP Phone £43 + VAT
Yealink T54W Wi-Fi IP Phone User-friendly, Prime Business Phone £129 + VAT
Yealink SIP T43U Gigabit VoIP Phone User-friendly, Advanced IP Phone £81 + VAT

Frequently asked questions about VoIP on bOnline.

Can I keep my existing phone number?

  • Yes! You can have your current phone number transferred. We handle the switch for you, and it typically takes 10–20 days.

What devices can I use?

  • A variety of devices, including desktop, mobile, laptop, and IP phones, can be used with bOnline phones.

How does bOnline VoIP help me work remotely?

  • Since the bOnline phone is virtual and not attached to a physical location, it enables you and your team to work from anywhere.

Can I log in to my bOnline VoIP service?

When it comes to VoIP services, you need to be able to use your service when you need it the most. That's why when it comes to bOnline, you can log in on the bOnline VoIP app and manage your account from anywhere.

Is call divert included in my bOnline VoIP?

You can direct your calls to any desired number using the bOnline VoIP diversion tool. You are free to use this feature whenever and however often you like.

Here is a step-by-step procedure that you should use for bOnline VoIP call diversion:

  • Choose "Phone setup" from the MyBonline Portal's home page.
  • Select "Create my own" under "Create sophisticated call flow".
  • The option to add actions for "Open" and "Closed hours" is now available. Click "Add Action" for each or both to add the divert.
  • Choose "Divert To" and input the phone number you want incoming calls sent to.
  • You can remove the "Business Hours" action if you want a divert inserted at any time, regardless of the business hours.
  • Then, by selecting "Add Action", you can modify your line by including a divert.
  • Make sure to click "Save & Enable" after you're finished.
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