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Last update: October 2, 2023
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bOnline deals come with a variety of options. Whether you're looking for a broadband or Fibre deal, there's always something to choose from. This article is to help you choose and buy the right bOnline business broadband service for your company. It will give you a summary of the available bOnline business broadband & phone deals and bOnline VoIP.

Best bOnline Deals Available

Do you have a business in the UK and need a fast connection that goes beyond the limits of the traditional phone line? Then you need to be looking at broadband, and bOnline is just the place for it.

One of the things bOnline broadband is most proud of is its affordability. You can acquire a broadband deal with them for as little as £16 per month. They provide a price match guarantee and will beat any offer you receive for your bOnline business broadband since they are so sure of their pricing.

Another appealing aspect of transferring to bOnline is that they handle everything for you, even contacting your current provider to request a service transfer. Additionally, they promise that there won't be any interruptions in service during the changeover period, so transferring won't have any impact on your company other than an improvement in your service, client experience, and outgoings.

A free domain, two business emails, and a free mobile app to manage your account are also included in these offerings from bOnline, which are useful tools for small businesses. You will have to pay £3 for each additional email you add, but with some package deals, you may add up to ten emails for just £5.

Business Broadband Deals on bOnline

Three business bOnline broadband packages from bOnline are available to accommodate various user needs or business sizes. Each one offers free router installation, access to its specialised customer support, and all three. Static IP addresses are furthermore available with every plan.

The packages are

bOnline Broadband Business:

With Bandwidth Business, you can get up to 18 Mbps of broadband, unlimited consumption, and a static IP address. The solo proprietor or very tiny office with one or two frequent users is best suited for this entry-level package. (12-month agreement).

Broadband Business Plus:

You will get up to 18Mb of bandwidth and limitless downloads with bOnline Business Broadband Plus, which also gives you 1000 minutes for mobile calls. This is advantageous for relatively small businesses that frequently make phone calls, such as those with mobile sales associates.

Broadband Fibre:

You can get high-speed rates of up to 40Mb or, for a little more money, 80Mb with broadband fibre. Both offer limitless downloads. This is ideal for workplaces where many people are online at once or where you frequently need to download big files rapidly.

The table below shows the information on the bOnline business broadband deals available:

Package Avg. Speed Duration Set Up Fee Monthly Fee
Unlimited Business Broadband 25Mbps 24 Months £15.00 £13.95(1-6 months)£19.90(7-24 months)
Unlimited Fibre 75Mbps 12 Months £9.95 £22.95
Unlimited Ultrafast Fibre 160Mbps 12 Month £59.95 £32.00
Unlimited Ultrafast Fibre 330Mbps 12 Months £59.95 £37.00
Unlimited Ultrafast Fibre 550Mbps 12 Months £59.95 £40.00
Unlimited Ultrafast Fibre 1GB 1000Mbps 12 Months £59.95 £48.00

Business Phone and VOIP Deals on bOnline

Small businesses, however, can considerably lower this with a low-cost VoIP phone line. A VoIP service with unlimited calls starts at just £12.95 + VAT at bOnline. In addition to limitless UK minutes, the offers include hundreds of other features, such as mobile app support, call management tools, and video and instant messaging functionality.

To enjoy bOnline business broadband & phone, add £7 plus VAT to the bOnline business broadband deals table above, and add a digital phone line and unlimited calls. You can also visit the bOnline website to get bOnline broadband and telephone deals by filling out an online form to get a quote for your small business communication.

bOnline Phone Charges

As we previously said, bOnline also offers bOnline broadband and telephone deals, bOnline VoIP phone lines, domains and emails, SEO and Google AdWords, and website design in addition to corporate broadband. By consolidating your IT infrastructure into a single, cost-effective package, you may avoid dealing with various providers and save money.

The three basic packages bOnline offers and numerous add-on possibilities for each provides enough choice to accommodate everyone from mobile workers to SMEs.

The table below shows the information on the bOnline VoIP available:

Package Inclusions Price
Mobile Workers VoIP calls (100 mins) Business domain + 2 emails £9/month
Start-ups VoIP calls (100 mins) Business domain + 2 emails Business broadband £25/month
Growing Business VoIP calls (1200 mins) Business domain + 10 emails Unlimited fibre Website design + support £54.90/month

Any of these affordable packages allow you to purchase additional services following your company's requirements. Extras consist of:

  • Additional Google emails are £3 each.
  • bundles for upgraded VoIP calls (£13–16 per seat, depending on the price)
  • Website development and help for startups (free professional design; typically costs £299; monthly service fee of £15; premium design costs £299);
  • Management and optimisation of Google ads for small and medium-sized businesses (from £95 per month plus PPC budget)

bOnline Bundle Deals

You may also get the My bOnline app for your phone or tablet for free to help you maintain control over your account. Your bills and invoices are instantly accessible, and you can pay them with your smartphone. Additionally, it has a simple way for you to speak with a customer support representative of the provider, as well as special offers you can register for.

In addition to providing broadband, bOnline can assist you with creating a web presence for your business. In its entry-level Start-up package, you get one domain name and two email addresses with 5GB of storage each for that domain. You can add ten more email addresses for an extra £5 a month if you require more.

Of course, you will need a website once you acquire a domain. To help you rank on Google and other search engines, bOnline offers website design and search engine optimisation (SEO).

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