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bOnline cancellation: how to end your contract and early termination fees

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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Bonline cancellation may be the best option for customers who have unresolved issues on the network, customers who are moving homes and customers who want better deals. This article will help you understand the cancellation process, charges for cancellation and much more.

How to cancel bOnline?

If you decide to leave bOnline, you must follow Bonline's cancellation process.

Please call Bonline at 0203 866 3925 to inform them that you intend to terminate our services. Within 30 days of your intention to depart, they must receive this notice.

Cancellation fees on bOnline

If you terminate your service before the minimum duration, you will be charged an early cancellation fee.

The remaining monthly fees in your contract must still be paid even after an early cancellation.

These early termination fees will be computed based on your plan and the number of months left on your initial contract.

Your fee will vary based on:

  • How many days are left till the conclusion of your minimum contract term (minimum term), measured from the date your subscription expires;
  • The days for which you have already received an advance bill; and
  • The items you will no longer receive after your memberships expire.

This means that the total you pay might not be an exact multiple of the monthly fees shown in the examples below.

Call Bonline at 020 3617 9950 to learn how much you will be charged each month going forward based on the products you purchase from them.


Your total early termination fee would be £96 if you were a bOnline Broadband user paying £16 per month on a minimum 12-month contract length (minimum term) that began on the 2 August 2018 and you canceled it on the 16 April 2019. This is how it worked out:

Internet + Phone Rental

For May, June, and July, the early cancellation cost is (£16 + £16) x 3 ($96).

Your chosen package will determine the amount of your early cancellation fee; for additional details, please see your monthly statement.

bOnline bundle cancellation

If you terminate any of the Services that Bonline has agreed to bundle for you (such as phone, broadband, and cloud phone services), they will automatically charge you their then-current separate rates for any Services they continue to provide to you.

Other aspects of bOnline’s cancellation policy

What happen if you cancel your direct debit?

When Bonline tries to settle your balance by direct debit after you terminate your bOnline direct debit with your bank, they get a failure notification.

For each unsuccessful attempt, bOnline must pay a fee in addition to devoting resources to chasing down money owed and reinstating direct debits.

Your invoice is increased by a £20 administrative fee to cover these expenses.

What is the term of my contract?

A minimum contract length is required when you sign up for bOnline broadband or fiber and cloud phone services (VoIP) (minimum term).

Unless otherwise specified, the minimum contract term for the majority of bOnline products is 12 or 24 months.

If you accept certain offers from bOnline, a minimum contract length might also be required; however, we'll let you know about this before you accept the offer.

bOnline cancellation: what to do instead

You can do the following instead of cancelling your Bonlibe account.

  1. Call Bonline customer care on 0203 617 9950
  2. Report to ofcom if Bonline does not fix the problem on time.
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