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BT Mobile 5G Coverage: Supported Plans and Availability

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Last update: October 3, 2023
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With BT 5G, you can stream videos and play games without lags. Thanks to it, you'll have a quicker and more dependable connection even in the busiest areas. This article discusses the BT mobile 5G: BT 5G coverage, mobile plans, and other packages.

BT Mobile 5G coverage: Is it Available?

Customers of BT mobile, both new and old, can now access BT mobile 5G, but only in specific situations. Customers of BT must enrol in BT Plus and own a device that supports 5G technology.

BT Mobile 5G Coverage map: Where is it Available

The BT 5g map shows locations where BT 5g home broadband is available. However, this map cannot ensure the availability of BT 5g wifi services in any specific area since weather, building materials, and tree cover can all impact mobile reception.

SIM Only Plans with BT Mobile 5G Coverage

BT 5g SIM-only contracts are an excellent option if you already own a phone. BT mobile 5G SIM-only contracts allow you to reduce your monthly payment because they can be updated monthly. BT 5g SIM only plans are also excellent if you want more flexibility. However, if your sim is 4G, you can upgrade to a 5G sim to take advantage of the BT Mobile services. We can recommend the £13.00 monthly plan that affords you 4GB of data and unlimited texts and minutes.

Other Plans to Enjoy BT Mobile 5G Coverage

You can also enjoy our triple SIM plans, as shown in the table below.

Amount Monthly Offers
£15.00 10GB data24-month contract
£15.00 8GB data12-month contract
£17.00 12GB data12-month contract

Each plan also offers unlimited texts and unlimited minutes.

BT Mobiles 5G Coverage Roll-Out Plan

BT 5G broadband is accessible in about 193 UK locations, unlike when 5g on BT mobile was first introduced. Below is a BT 5G summary chart and the prominent locations where 5G BT is offered.

BT 5G Coverage Summary Chart

The table below shows BT 5G coverage summary chart

BT 5G coverage 193 or more UK towns and cities.
Typical network speeds. 5G -129.2Mbps4G - 36.4Mbps
BT coverage of 4G and 3G More than 99% population coverage
Mobile devices with 5G. BT does not currently provide any 5G phones.
5G residential broadband. BT does not currently offer 5G residential broadband.
5G SIM only 5G SIM only on BT

Before choosing BT 5G plans, verifying the network's official BT coverage map is wise. The complete list of BT 5g coverage in 120 significant places in the UK and the available networks are displayed in the table below.

BT 5g Coverage UK

The table below shows a comprehensive list of towns with BT 5G coverage in the United Kingdom.

Location Mobile 5G coverage on BT
Aberdeen Yes
Bath Yes
Birmingham Yes
Blackburn Yes
Blackpool Yes
Bolton Yes
Bournemouth Yes
Bradford Yes
Brighton Yes
Bristol Yes
Bromley Yes
Cambridge Yes
Canterbury Yes
Cardiff Yes
Carlisle Yes
Central London Yes
Chelmsford Yes
Chester Yes
Cleveland No
Colchester Yes
Coventry Yes
Crewe Yes
Croydon Yes
Darlington No
Dartford Yes
Derby Yes
Doncaster Yes
Dorchester No
Dudley Yes
Dumfries and Galloway No
Dundee Yes
Durham Yes
East London Yes
Edinburgh Yes
Enfield Yes
Falkirk and Stirling Yes
Galashiels No
Glasgow Yes
Gloucester Yes
Guildford Yes
Halifax Yes
Harrogate Yes
Harrow Yes
Hemel Yes
Hempstead Yes
Hereford Yes
Huddersfield Yes
Hull Yes
Ilford Yes
Inverness Yes
Ipswich Yes
Kilmarnock Yes
Kingston upon Thames Yes
Kirkcaldy No
Kirkwall No
Lancaster Yes
Leeds Yes
Leicester Yes
Lerwick No
Lincoln Yes
Liverpool Yes
Llandrindod Wells No
Llandudno No
Luton Yes
Manchester Yes
Milton Keynes Yes
Motherwell Yes
Newcastle upon Tyne Yes
Newport Yes
North London Yes
North West London Yes
Northampton Yes
Northern Ireland Yes
Norwich Yes
Nottingham Yes
Oxford Yes
Paisley Yes
Perth Yes
Peterborough Yes
Plymouth Yes
Portsmouth Yes
Preston Yes
Reading Yes
Redhill Yes
Rochester Yes
Romford Yes
Salisbury Yes
Sheffield Yes
Shrewsbury Yes
Slough Yes
South East London Yes
South West London Yes
Southall Yes
Southampton Yes
Southend-on-Sea Yes
St Albans Yes
Stevenage Yes
Stockport Yes
Stoke-on-Trent Yes
Sunderland Yes
Sutton Yes
Swansea Yes
Swindon Yes
Taunton Yes
Telford No
Tonbridge No
Torquay No
Truro Yes
Watford Yes
West London Yes
Wigan Yes
Wolverhampton Yes
Worcester Yes
York Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 5G consuming more data?

Although 5G doesn't utilise more data than 4G, you might use more data because of the speed.

Can BT Mobile users access 5G?

Access to 5g coverage is available to all BT Mobile users. Before the BT 5G launch, it was unavailable to all customers.

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