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Roams UK Entry updated on Tuesday, January 12, 2021

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BT Mobile coverage tries its best to cover as much of the United Kingdom as possible and also give its target audience the best quality of connection.

BT coverage checker gives BT mobile customers the ability to see what areas are available for 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G. BT Mobile customers can check if their area of coverage has 5G and can get the fastest and most reliable connection.

BT Mobile Coverage cannot fully assure if the connection will be strong because there are other uncontrollable factors that will cause connection problems. BT mobile operates under a different network.

Check the BT Coverage Checker

The BT Coverage Checker is what BT customers can use to check how much BT Coverage covers in the United Kingdom. This is very important because BT customers can see for themselves what technology is available in their area.

The technology meaning 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G and you can find this information on the BT website showing the BT Mobile coverage map of the BT Mobile network Coverage areas in the United Kingdom.

The level of importance BT Mobile Coverage UK has is very high because it will dictate BT customers decision on the type of plan they buy.

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BT 15 GB
Minimun term: 12 months
Data 15 GB

Calls Unlimited
Coverage EE
Save with a Family SIM bundle, Free BT Sport mobile, Free Extra Speed 4G
Total £15p/m
taxes included

Where is BT 5G Coverage available

BT Mobile 5G is now available for new and current BT Mobile customers but only under certain circumstances. BT customers must join PT Plus and have a device that is capable of achieving 5G technology.

The BT Mobile network coverage UK shows where BT 5G is available in areas. For example, areas such as Birmingham, Coventry, Edinburgh, Manchester and 16 other major cities in the United Kingdom have 5G coverage.

If BT Mobile 5G is available in your area take advantage of the most reliable connection in the world with superfast speed, no lagging and better video calling service.

BT Mobile 4G Coverage, 3G & 2G

For the most common use technology network BT Mobile 4G coverage and 3G, BT Mobile also shows a coverage of what location has BT Mobile 4G coverage and 3G.

BT customers do not have any restrictions in regards to joining a certain BT Mobile Broadband plan or possessing a BT Mobile Phone to receive BT Mobile 4G coverage and 3G technology.

However, it is vital that customers check what areas BT Mobile 4G coverage and 3G are available in because if BT Mobile customers travel to areas where they only have 3G coverage they will experience slower and not so reliable connection.

The BT mobile coverage UK also offer 2G technology to all areas that have BT Mobile 4G coverage and 3G but 2G connection will be very slow and unreliable.

BT logo
BT 30 GB
Minimun term: 12 months
Data 30 GB

Calls Unlimited
Coverage EE
Free BT Sport mobile & Free Extra Speed 4G
Total £25p/m
taxes included

What Network Provider does BT Mobile use?

BT Mobile like most other carriers a MVNO Mobile Virtual Network Operator uses another network and BT Mobile uses EE network.

The coverage areas for EE and BT Mobile will be identical however, BT Mobile can benefit from the BT Mobile plans.

EE will provide the network and BT Mobile can focuses on delivering good service to its BT Mobile customers and making sure the areas that have BT Mobile coverage receive reliable connection.

BT Mobile Coverage Network Problems UK

Every carrier will face problems that are out of reach. BT Mobile has coverage network problems that can't be dealt with due to things like nature or the type of building you are in.

For example, if BT mobile customers are in a building with thick walls or the weather conditions are really bad this will affect your reception of service making it slower or even a loss of connection.

Also being in a busy place can affect your connection due to the amount of people using their mobiles. However, this only applies to BT Mobile 4G coverage connection and less but for 5G BT Mobile customers will have no problem with this situation.

BT logo
BT 100 GB
Minimun term: 12 months
Data 100 GB

Calls Unlimited
Coverage EE
Free BT Sport mobile & Free Extra Speed 4G
Total £30p/m
taxes included

Conclusion about BT coverage

BT coverage checker will show the BT Mobile customers what areas have BT 5G technology and this can be a deciding factor for BT Mobile customers who want to become BT Plus customers.

BT Mobile 4G coverage, 3G and 2G is available to more areas than 5G but BT customers should still check as some areas do not have access to BT Mobile 4G coverage.

EE is the provider for BT Mobile so EE takes the pressure of BT Mobile so they can just focus on giving the BT Mobile customers great plans and services.

BT Mobile customers should check the area they are in when they are experiencing slow or loss of network.

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