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Cancel Direct Save Telecom: how to and cancellation fees

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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Direct Save Telecom cancel can be a stressful undertaking. If you want to cancel your Direct Save Telecom mobile or broadband, look no further. This article will help the user cancel their Direct Save services by explaining what to do next and how to remove Direct Save from your account, as well as Direct Save Telecom cancellation charges.

How to cancel on Direct Save Telecom

Cancelling is a part of life, and as much as we might not like it, it's a necessary evil. Cancelling your mobile or internet contract is some of the common things people have to deal with. Thankfully, Direct Save can make that a lot easier for you.

People do not consider sticking with inadequate internet connectivity when so many internet service providers are at their disposal. Additionally, given the significance of the internet nowadays, no one wants to continue using a service that makes them wait an eternity to access a website.

You have two options if you're unhappy with Direct Save Broadband's services: you can end the contract now, or you can wait until it expires. Here are the two things you should do first, though, before doing that.

Make sure you follow the two necessary steps before you contact the service to inform them of this news:

  • Verify the applicable contract.
  • Choose a new deal.

Verify the applicable contract.

One-year contracts and rolling monthly offers are offered by Direct Save Broadband. Look up the remaining time on a one-year contract if you have one. If you agree and ultimately decide to leave, you might be required to pay Direct Save Telecom cancellation charges.

Direct Save Telecom has a higher cancellation cost than many other broadband providers. Therefore, consider it before you break the contract.

The contract is terminable at any moment by you if you have rolling monthly agreements or if your minimum contract period has expired.

Choose a new deal.

You should check for new offers before Direct Save cancellation. Before withdrawing your current agreement, choose a new one. By doing this, you will avoid waiting days or weeks to receive a new service and pay additional setup fees.

Cancel your Direct Save Broadband

Your Direct Save Telecom cancellation process hinges greatly on whether you are still in or out of contract. Here are the ways to cancel your Direct Save broadband contract in both scenarios:

Cancellation when you are out of contact

If your contract has expired, you can cancel Direct Save Telecom for free. Once it is confirmed that you are past the minimum contract term, proceed with the Direct Save Telecom cancellation. The simplest switch approach is selecting a new provider on Openreach since DST uses the Openreach (BT line) telephone network (which is the vast majority, as most ISPs use BT telephone lines). In this manner, everything can be handled by your new ISP, and you might not even need to contact DST.

Switching to another network provider

Speaking with DST is necessary if you're switching networks or no longer need broadband. Dial 0800 027 3930 to reach them. If you're considering leaving because of the price, they'll try to talk you into staying and might even give you a better bargain.

Direct Save Telecom must still be reached by phone, but you can utilize the online contact form to contact customer care.

Cancellation if you are still in contact

The process of cancelling when under contract is the same as when you are not, except for the fact that there are additional costs involved, which are covered in more detail below. We always advise waiting until your contract expires due to the expense.

Are there cancellation charges on Direct Save?

As was already established, DST charges a higher cancellation cost than most service providers. The service provider will charge you per month for the remaining time on the contract if you terminate the agreement before the predetermined period has passed. Additionally, they will demand a few one-time fees.

For phone and broadband, DST charges £10, and for phone and fibre broadband, £15 per month. If your contract included a free setup, each phone line might have cost you £69.50. The Wi-Fi router, which costs £34.95, must be purchased.

Furthermore, if you don't send Direct Save Broadband a notice of 28 days to cancel broadband services, you'll be required to pay a processing fee of £19.95.

Cancel Direct Save Telecom: alternatives

No matter how good a company is, if you find a few reasons not to cancel your contract and it’s still beneficial, you should look for a better deal from the same provider and switch. That being said, the major alternative to Direct Save Telecom cancellation is to switch to another network provider.

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