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Log in to your Gigaclear Customer Portal: how to do it and the services available.

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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To Log in to your Gigaclear Customer Portal: you need to know how to do it and the services available. In this topic, we will learn how to log into the Gigaclear Customer Portal and all the available services.

How to log in to Gigaclear Customer Portal

To log into your Gigarclear Customer Portal, you need to have registered an account. If not, create one first, then log into the Gigaclear Activation Portal. To do that, follow the steps below:

  1. Input your username @gigarclear.com (note that your username is your customer number)
  2. Put in your password
  3. Log in

In case you forgot your username, then do this;

  • Enter your email address. If you save it in the system, you will get a reminder.
  • To reset your password when forgotten,
  • Your username will be required.

Gigaclear will send Instructions on resetting your email account password with the Gigaclear Customer Portal.

What are your Gigaclear login details?

Your Gigarclear login details include the following;

  • Your username
  • Your password
  • Your email address

Services available on Gigaclear's Customer Portal

Gigaclear is a specialized Internet service provider that uses its network of fiber optic cables to deliver superfast and ultrafast Internet to some of the rural regions in the UK. The corporation has already contacted about 35,000 homes and companies across the nation.

Gigaclear specializes in home and business broadband packages for customers who live in remote locations. Gigaclear provides rural and isolated populations with access to high-speed InternetInternet that they otherwise wouldn't have.

There are now five tiers of Gigaclear broadband packages available, each with a distinct speed to accommodate different needs and price ranges:

Gigaclear broadband packages full fiber with the under-listed speed .

Superfast 30

  • The lowest range has average speed broadband of 30 Mbps for both uploads and downloads.
  • Price of £39 per month
  • A £30 activation charge.

Ultrafast 100

  • Average speed broadband of 100mbps of upload and download.
  • The price as of June 17, 2021, was pegged at £44/month
  • £30 for activation. This is for homes with multiple users.

Superfast 200 is perfect for all your home devices.

  • Average speed broadband of 200 Mbps of upload and download.
  • The contract term is a minimum of £17 per month for a minimum period of 18 months. You pay £40 a month after that.

Smart Wi-Fi and Ultrafast 300

  • Speed of 300mbps uploads and downloads are for middle-tier home broadbands.
  • The price is £20 per month for a minimum period of 18 months and £44 a month after that
  • Free installation.
  • Minimum contract term of 18 months

Smart WiFi and Ultrafast 600, a quick combination for more demanding customers

  • Average upload and download speed broadband of 600 Mbps.
  • The cost is £26 per month for a minimum period of 18 months and £59 a month after that
  • Free installation.

Hyperfast 900, the ultimate package, is ideal for a family that wants the fastest possible InternetInternet

  • The average speed of 830 Mbps upload and download is the Gigaclear fastest broadband package.
  • The price is £49 per month for a minimum period of 18 months and £79 a month after that
  • Free installation.

Phone: Phone services are supplied via the broadband connection; our fiber enters your home directly, giving you high-quality technology with fantastic new features. All you have to do is to connect your handset to the Gigaclear router through an adapter.

Gigaclear phone plans include Evening and Weekends, Evening and Weekend Plus, Anytime plus, Flexible service plus, and one simple monthly bill.

All Gigaclear customers will receive a Linksys WiFi router to connect their devices to the internet.

Although the Linksys router is a capable device, you must purchase the Smart WiFi node, which includes the Ultrafast 300, 600, and 900 packages, to utilize it fully.

TV Entertainment: Gigaclear is famous for offering straightforward broadband.

As a result, there are no TV package deals available, and since it uses its lines to serve the InternetInternet, there is no need for line rental or even a landline. Sky Entertainment, Netflix, and Gigaclear full fiber provide TV entertainment are included in the packages.

Music: Uninterrupted streams Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon Music are available.

Gaming: You can download or life-stream games on the Xbox, PS5, PSP, or Nintendo

There are no activation fees, and standard installation is free with all our products. These rates are only valid for brand-new Gigaclear customers.

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