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Gigaclear router: the new Linksys Hub and how to set it up

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Last update: September 28, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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With a gigaclear router, you have access to the new Linksys Hub. In this article, you will learn how to set it up and the broadband packages available on the new router. Assuring you that the new gigaclear router is the ideal broadband for you.

Gigaclear router: the new Linksys hub

The new Linksys hub is a Velop node designed specifically for the UK's Gigaclear ISP.

Velop is a modular node-based Intelligent Mesh WiFi System that adapts to the requirements of every home and provides faultless Wi-Fi wherever you need it. It's simple to customise the ideal Wi-Fi solution for you, regardless of the size, shape, or location of your home, thanks to the family of nodes' diverse sizes that perform flawlessly together and are exquisitely designed to blend in any setting.

The advantages of the new gigaclear Linksys hub over the normal WiFi broadband cannot be overemphasised because you have the assurance of:

  • Good connectivity.
  • Performance excellence.

How to set up your Gigaclear router

The step process for the gigaclear router can be done by effectively following the steps below.

Step 1: Place the extra node one meter away from your Linksys router and connect it to a power source.

Step 2: Hold off until you notice a purple LED light on the node's top. As you proceed through the setup procedure, the Linksys app will immediately start looking for your extra node.

Step 3: The purple LED light on the device will begin to flash when the additional node is located. During this time, don't move either the node or the mobile device.

Step 4: Your Linksys router is currently linked to the extra node.

Step 5: The additional node's LED light should become steadily blue once connected.

Step 6: Unplug the extra node and place it halfway between the Linksys router and the area where you want a stronger Wi-Fi signal.

Step 7: The five-button method can be used to start your mesh if you are unable to run the program for any reason:

Bring the nodes together and power them all up within a meter of the main unit.

Press the central node's reset button quickly five times in a row. Each node will then be initialised, and the lights will begin to change.

Once all nodes have attained a constant blue, leave these alone for a few minutes. The additional nodes can then be moved in whatever way you see suitable.

Log in to the Gigaclear router

Your gigaclear router login uses your device's IP address, email, and password. Here's how.

Step 1:Open your browser

Step 2:Type the default gigaclear IP address for your router or my router.local in the Address bar, then press . You can check your Linksys router's IP address to see if it has been changed or if it no longer functions.

Step 3:Log in by entering your router password. The admin password is the default. Instead, enter the new password if you have changed it.

You can furthermore sign in using your Linksys cloud account. Click the link that is provided at the bottom.

Enter your email address and password on the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Sign-In page, then click Log in.

Broadband packages that include Gigaclear’s new router

Below are some of the packages currently available.

  • Superfast 200. It comes with a 200 Mbps avg upload/download speed. For the price of £17 a month. 18-month minimum term and then £40 a month after that.
  • Ultrafast 300. For 300 Mbps avg upload/download speed. £20 a month for an 18-month minimum term. Followed by £44 a month afterwards.
  • Ultrafast 600. 600 Mbps for avg upload/download speed. £26 a month for the 18-month minimum term and then £59 a month after that
  • Hyperfast 900. 830 Mbps for avg upload/download speed. £49 a month for the 18-month minimum term and then £79 a month after that.

Add Smart WiFi to your Gigaclear router

A fantastic WiFi experience is provided by smart WiFi mesh technology. It builds a mesh of coverage throughout the house using extra nodes. And, wherever you are, it immediately discovers the most direct route to the internet, thanks to sophisticated technologies.

Even the setup process is straightforward. Each Gigaclear broadband plan includes a Linksys router, sufficient for up to a typical two-bedroom home.

Add one more node to enable Smart WiFi, which can cover up to a typical 3-bedroom house.

Frequently asked questions about Gigaclear’s router

Here are some of the frequently asked questions concerning the gigaclear router.

How can I reset my Gigaclear router?

To reset your gigaclear router, press the primary node's reset button five times a row. Each node will then be initialised, and the lights will begin to change. Once all nodes have attained a constant blue, leave these alone for a few minutes.

Can I upgrade or replace my Gigaclear router?

Yes, you can upgrade or replace your gigaclear router. Contact 03708 637 606 for more information on the matter.

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