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Installation on Gigaclear: how to get broadband installed and costs

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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In the Gigaclear installation, we will learn about the Gigaclear installation process and how it is done. In this article, we will look at the methods of gigaclear installation costs and the length of the process.

How is Gigaclear's installation process

Gigaclear has the infrastructure that brings your superfast, full-fiber broadband connection to your home and business.

There is a Point of Termination outside the individual property's perimeter (POT). The fiber is linked from the cabinet to this POT, but connecting the thread to unique homes or businesses can only be done when a service is requested.

We must connect the fiber from the POT to your property now that you have placed an order.

Gigaclear's installation process is done following these steps;

Gigaclear's installation technicians will first map the fiber path from the POT to your house to get things going.

The technician will request your approval for the Network Termination Equipment (NTE) placement and the path the cable will take from the POT to your home. You will be asked to sign the gigaclear install form to acknowledge your agreement before the route is recorded there.

From the POT to your property, Gigaclear will dig a trench and install the fiber line. Part of the installation procedure will be reinstalled on the surfaces.

To run the wire through your property's wall, a Gigaclear shall drill a hole. Transparent silicon will seal the area around the cable once it is in position.

A box known as the Network Termination Equipment (NTE) will be installed where the fiber joins inside your home.

The NTE must be mounted to a wall inside your home, next to an electrical outlet. Gigaclear Technicians can run an internal cable up to 3 meters if the NTE is placed farther from where the line enters the house.

Are there installation costs for Gigaclear

The majority of Gigaclear's installations are bundled with your service.

A very tiny percentage of clients will demand a more involved installation procedure, which attracts extra charges, which will be negotiated and approved before the installation process starts.

Costs for a non-standard installation will be estimated after the survey. Gigaclear will commence work once they have completed the study and decided on the price.

Customers who order Gigaclear installation service get a gigaclear free standard installation from Gigaclear. In a conventional installation, there are no specialized surfaces or features to negotiate throughout the installation process. The router in your home will be no farther than 100 meters from the POT.

How long does it take for Gigaclear take to install

Installation in a Single Residence

It normally takes 4 hours to install a fibre connection in a single residence.

Gigaclear will discuss the ideal route to get the fibre into your home with you. They will also discuss where the engineers will install the ONT. This process is known as the installation procedure.

Gigaclear engineers will run the fibre to your home, frequently surface-mounted in sturdy protective cabling along a fence railing. Then, they will install the ONT (sometimes with assistance from a different technician).

Finally, they will turn it on and test it to ensure everything is working properly.

Installation in an Apartment or along a shared driveway

The first user to connect to the gigaclear installation in such an area may take a little longer, but any following neighbors can connect quite rapidly.

Before beginning any necessary fiber build work, Gigaclear technicians must ensure that all impacted neighbors are on board.

Once they have the go-ahead, they can typically complete that on the scheduled day, and if not immediately, you may usually link your home and ONT that same day.

For those who want to do it by themselves, Gigaclear has a thorough self-install guide. Check the gigaclear installation guide for more details.

What to keep in mind after the Gigaclear installation

  1. Find the WIFI Name, Password for Gigaclear powered by Linksys on the label at the router's base.
  2. Go to the WiFi settings on your device and choose the Name of the router.
  3. Type in the Password
  4. Open a browser after your smartphone or tablet notifies you that you are connected
  5. Check out Gigaclear.com
  6. Your destination will be the Gigaclear Activation Portal
  7. Enter your customer number, which starts with the letter C.You can find it in your order confirmation.
  8. Enter the router's serial number, powered by Gigaclear and Linksys.
  9. Confirm that your address is accurate by checking the Acceptance box.

After completing the steps above, your Gigaclear broadband service will start working.

Your first bill will be within the next 14 days.

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