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What is an eSIM Samsung? Its main uses and configuration

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Last update: March 3, 2023
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In a nutshell

Samsung eSIM is a service that you can use on your smartwatch or on compatible Samsung phones. Say goodbye to conventional SIM cards and start using this virtual card. Do you want to know if your phone is compatible? We give you the list of devices that work with eSIM and explain how to set it up.

eSIM Samsung

Samsung eSIM is an embedded card that is installed on a chip inside our device, which can be an smartwatch, a tablet or a mobile phone. Samsung has ventured to incorporate this service in some of its top-of-the-range devices, so you will be able to benefit from its advantages if you buy one of them.

Want to know more about the eSIM?

You can use the Samsung eSIM as your main card, but you also have the option to add it as a second line and take the benefits of a dualSIM mobile phone. Not all carriers and not all phones are compatible with the eSIM service, so don't doubt to check beforehand. For the time being, we mainly help you with the devices.

One of the biggest advantages of the eSIM is its immediacy, as you are not dependent on any shipment. This feature makes the eSIM the perfect complement for your travels. If you have a compatible Samsung mobile phone, you can purchase an international eSIM so that you will have internet from the very first moment of your holiday. Some companies, such as Holafly, specialise in these types of international data plans and will give you the best fares.

Is the Samsung S10 eSIM compatible? Samsung eSIM phone list

The first Samsung eSIM compatible phones were the Galaxy S20 and Note 20 series, so the Samsung S10 does not support the virtual card. Here is a list of Samsung phones compatible with the eSIM card:

  • Galaxy S22, S22+, S22 Ultra.
  • Galaxy S21, S21+ S21 Ultra.
  • Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra.
  • Galaxy Fold, Z Fold 2, Z Fold 3.
  • Galaxy Z Flip, Z Flip 3, Z Flip 5G.
  • Galaxy Note 20, Note 20 Ultra.

If you have any of these Samsung mobiles, you can request a virtual card from your operator and use it as a primary or secondary line. We explain the different ways to activate the eSIM on Samsung.

You can install a pre-assigned plan. This way is offered by some operators, so just ask customer support. If it is available, you will need to give your phone's EID to the carrier, which you will find on the phone's box. Then follow these steps to add eSIM Samsung:

  1. Go to Settings Enter Connections and SIM card manager
  2. Press Add mobile plan Your plan will be automatically downloaded and activated on the eSIM
  3. Start using your tariff It's as simple as that, in just a few seconds

The most commonly used process for setting up the Samsung eSIM is to scan a QR code that your provider will send you via email. Once you have this code to hand, you just need to do the followin:

  1. Go to Settings Press Connections > SIM card manager
  2. Tap Add mobile plan In this case, tap Add using QR code
  3. Scan the QR code Use your Samsung camera to do this

After following these steps, you will have the new virtual card downloaded and working on your eSIM-enabled Samsung phone. If you have problems activating the card with the QR code, you can enter the plan information manually. To do so, simply select the option Add using activation code.

Samsung Galaxy Watch eSIM in UK

One of the most popular uses of Samsung eSIM is to be able to use your smartwatch independently and not be dependent on your phone all day. Samsung eSIM watch is available on some models:

  • Samsung Watch.
  • Samsung Watch Active 2 4G.
  • Samsung Watch Active 3 4G.
  • Samsung Gear 2 3G Classic.
  • Samsung Gear S3 Frontier (LTE).

Please note that when setting up an eSIM on your Samsung watch you will have to pay extra on your bill, as it is normal in these cases to have a duplicate main line and to have one card in your mobile and another in your watch..

We are going to explain how to add the eSIM to Samsung watch, but first of all you need to have a version of Android 5.0 or higher. You need a memory of 1.5GB or more and the battery of your mobile and watch must be above 30%. Don't forget to connect to a wifi or mobile network either. Now it's time to set up your eSIM:

  1. Download the Galaxy Wearable application If you already have it, skip to the next step.
  2. Bring your watch and Samsung smartphone closer together When the watch is detected by the mobile phone, press Connect
  3. Confirm the code to pair them Accept the permissions
  4. Tap Get started or scroll down and tap Mobile plans Then, tap Use code
  5. Scan the QR code provided by your carrier Follow the instructions and start using your eSIM

Companies with Samsung eSIM

You can get an eSIM with some UK phone carriers. First of all, you can ask your carrier if there are any limitations or how eSIM works with Samsung. Here are some of the operators that offer the service:

In addition to the traditional carriers, there are operators that sell only international eSIMs so you can stay connected while on holiday or if you are a digital nomad.

One of our favourite companies specialising in international tariffs is Holafly, which offers unlimited data plans for popular destinations such as the United States and Japan. You can buy an eSIM on their website and use the code ROAMS to get a 5% discount.

Can't find your destination or don't like Holafly's fares? You have many other options to get a Samsung eSIM with a travel tariff:

FAQs of Samsung eSIM

How many eSIM can be used in Samsung?

Although you can install a large number of eSIMs on your Samsung phone, you can only use one at a time. You can use the eSIM at the same time as a physical SIM card.

Does factory reset remove eSIM Samsung?

Your eSIM will be automatically preserved if you reset your Samsung. To delete the eSIM you will have to do it manually, but remember that this does not mean that your contract is cancelled. The line will remain active, you will have to call the operator to unsubscribe

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